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  1. Hey guys, so I am new here and impulse bought VIP access and then a premium script, specifically the Master Chopper AIO. I have been trying to get it to work for about 2 hours now, but no matter what I do, i get the same error message: "Tribot has been updated. Please restart Tribot." So at first i thought hey, ok i'll just restart the client and it should work. It didn't. So i thought hey, I'll delete my entire .tribot folder in Roaming as well as the tribot application, and then redownload it. No way it won't work then! Well, it didn't. Same error message. So then i read a tutorial forum post and downloaded the most recent JDK. Didn't fix it. I used to bot with this client but am just recently getting back into the game, bought VIP and now it won't work for me! As a side note, I am using Windows 8, & have tried deactivating and reactivating the script (as well as other free scripts that also gave the same error message). Also the scripts don't even appear anywhere in my .tribot folder, which i think is strange but doesn't seem to be the problem based on the error message. Any and all feedback is appreciated, idk if you can rep people on this forum but if you can i will rep you lol Thanks