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  1. So i invested 20m in 2 runescape accounts to script with. And 1 hour after starting the script they both get banned. Can i have an FeelsBadMan in the chat ;-; First when i were starting to bot i could have accounts running scripts for days and now they almost gets instant banned. I have been trying Virtual Private Servers, proxies my own computer nothing works. Any other things i can try. For the moment i am learning java and shit to make my own scripts beacuse my accounts just gets banned if i script anyways ;-;
  2. The script wil fletch and cut wood pm me
  3. + the auto trader i bought by druid for the woodcutting bots only says "mule location detected but dosent go to the place or trade me shit" ;_;
  4. I cant make my own scripts and i am new to botting. So i dont realy know what to do.
  5. Hey so i started botting last week thurstday. My bots were on 24/7 until monday morning when they got banned. After that i puchased a vps (virtual private server) to run more bots + proxies for each account. I read a tutorial on safe botting, and i am only botting like 4 hours a day after Jagex working hours but still they are getting banned before they reach lvl 60 woodcutting. Any tips and help for botting wil be apriciated Sorry for poor english i am from Norway ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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