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  1. Very happy with the compensation. Thank you And great job on fixing it so fast.
  2. I don't know if you are aware, but when the bot goes in for a second kill, it goes in without eating/prayer potting first. Like, it could end up going in with 60/93 HP and 10/77 prayer, and then it drinks pots/eat right after it has entered Zulrah instead, kind of wasting some valuable seconds. If there's an easy fix to this, or if there is a setting I've missed, it would be nice... Worked for me like 30 minutes ago.
  3. I just tried out the trial, and you can do this by going to the "finding host" tab (can't recall exact name, but it is among "Gilded altar" and "Ectofuntus" on the left I believe), and then deleting all the inputs, like "host?", "Gilded altar host please?", etc. When you remove all of them, it won't ask for host. Great script, might purchase it when I can actually afford prayer, lol.
  4. Ditto that, got 5-6 deaths with 0 kills when I left it for an hour. Hoping it gets fixed soon, I just bought the script today
  5. Absolutely! Been running it for a few hours today, and it works very flawlessly. $6 for lifetime is an amazing price as well.
  6. Tried out the trial, and the posts in this thread looks good. Was planning on using that other blackjacking script for more xp, but looks like it's dead. Purchasing a copy of this right now
  7. Hey, here is my experience with this script, over the last 14 days I have been using this on my main only, being quite careful with how I bot, but sometimes I would be online of 12h+ a day, if I mixed it with a lot of legit playing/questing/occassional chatting while the bot runs, etc. Also, I have avoided overused botting spots, and sacrifised some experience per hour and profit to lower the risk of ban. I have not been, banned, which looks very promising for this script, considering I have used it a lot. I can also say that this is a great script to have if you building accounts (not just goldfarming). It can be used for basically anything. Ive done countless slayer tasks with it (while working on other stuff, just checking it every once in a while, and getting new tasks manually), and also killed cyclops with it to get my defender. Once I have done some questing, and raised some other skills, I will probably renew it for 30 days to continue botting my main. I saw the other Combat AIO script on sale, 14 days for $1 (lol), but I am sticking with this one, considering it works very flawlessly
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