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  1. Has anyone ever used one of the two or both? I guess it comes down to which one has better anti-ban and time efficiency.
  2. omg thank you so much. While you're here, can I ask how many bots you can run at the same time?
  3. May I ask what your PC specs are? More specifically the motherboard and CPU's. Also, are you using a GPU or is that integrated graphics? Oh, and should I just buy a small SSD (100G or lower), if all I need is an operating system and the botting client?
  4. what motherboard are you using?
  5. I'm currently using my PC to bot, but would rather buy a dedicated one. I was thinking of having it connected through a server and capable of viewing it from my main PC (not sure 100% how i'm going to do this). I would like to get a couple of ideas from you guys on how much something like this would cost to run at least 15-20 bots a PC. Also, is getting a VPS more worth it?
  6. which one do you prefer of the two?
  7. I recently purchased some SOCKS5 proxies, but within 5 hours most of them went offline and I wasn't able to refund any of them. Which sites have you guys bought from?
  8. Which is wrong because I do have it installed. I've tried both Java 8 v.101 and 102, and neither of them seem to do any good. The message precisely tells me : There are errors in the following switches :TriBot_Loader.jar. Check that the commands are valid and try again. If anyone has any idea why this is happening, please message me. I would be very grateful.
  9. Thank you so much for the response! Also, is putting an IP address in my Firefox browser enough for me?
  10. I have been told that using a proxy stops Jagex from banning all of your botting accounts at once, because it stops them from noticing it all comes from one place. That being said, how do I use these addresses properly? I noticed that in the Tribot client there is an option at the beginning to put down an Proxy address, but when creating a Runescape account it opens up Chrome/Firefox/IE, etc. Does this mean that Jagex can only tell what someones IP is from when you first get into the game, or when you create your account?
  11. I have so far kinda-started a gold farm, but now it is time for me to actually sell it. There's like 100 different people and companies with different rates to choose from. I'm not familiar with the process of exchanging OSRS gold for bitcoins. Can anyone explain to me the process and also which seller you use?
  12. Alright, well thank you so much for the reply!
  13. Sorry, what I meant to say is a bot that could buy an item, record the price of what it bought bought, then sell it, and record the selling price.
  14. I want a bot capable of checking the current buy/sell price of items. Is this program capable of doing that?