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  1. Alex01100001

    AlphaSmither or iSmither Pro?

    Has anyone ever used one of the two or both? I guess it comes down to which one has better anti-ban and time efficiency.
  2. Alex01100001

    What Proxy services do you guys use?

    which one do you prefer of the two?
  3. I recently purchased some SOCKS5 proxies, but within 5 hours most of them went offline and I wasn't able to refund any of them. Which sites have you guys bought from?
  4. Alright, well thank you so much for the reply!
  5. Sorry, what I meant to say is a bot that could buy an item, record the price of what it bought bought, then sell it, and record the selling price.
  6. I want a bot capable of checking the current buy/sell price of items. Is this program capable of doing that?
  7. Sorry if these questions sound newby, I'm kinda new to everything botting really. My first question is: Can I simply buy Proxy IPs from any site, put them in the TriBot client, and expect everything to work fine? Is there a specific site that I should use if I'm willing to pay for IPs. My second question is: Can I use scrips from other sites like OSBot. I noticed that the other one had a script that I needed that I couldn't find here ( a mule script). Or maybe there's another site that has scripts that work for both clients? Also if anyone knows a script that can continuously check the buy/sell price of certain items (not just the GE price). Thank you in advance for taking the time to read all the way through.