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  1. In terms of user accounts Note: i'm not poking around for anything, i just want to know since i've had a few accounts on here and i heard powerbot was hacked a while back which possibly led to my one of my acc/email being hacked.
  2. People that have them probably don't use tribot.
  3. do you still have to pay to test your own scripts here?
  4. why did you guys pay so low now for sellers yet resale price has stayed the same?
  5. don't you will be banned in hours doing those skills.
  6. and what hosting? looking to get one myself but heard there's a lot of bad performing ones out there.
  7. does this require vip? or is there any restrictions for free use?
  8. heklo23456

    VPS for 2 bots.

    have you personally used this vps for botting? if so, whould you recommend it? looking to get a vps but hear some are bad.
  9. In terms of overhead/compatability with tribot client, what operating system you guys recommend?
  10. do you seriously believe they look at age and make a judgement whether you could be on the pc for x amount of time haha
  11. dont buy anythin rs related
  12. some general questions: does anyone here run/know about running a cball farm? if so, how do you profit $ when each instance is only making 150k or so per hour? i'd probably be only to run a couple of these on my pc, how many can you guys run on your pc? does anyone use a vps? which one is viable?
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