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  1. so my lap top is an i7 with 8gp ram hp spectre Hewlett packard and I can run only 15 bots and after that my client gets super laggy and cant function smoothly, so what in specific do I need in a laptop that will help me run more bots smoothly. I'm gonna buy a pc or desktop what ever is better.
  2. what vps is good enough to support 20-40 bots? I'm okay with abusing my laptop
  3. when I try to log on to another account it wont allow me to log in bc log in limit was exceeded
  4. I just bought it I don't know how to open up the client.
  5. I need a script that I am able to advertise my pure clan & PVM clan on multiple accounts. The basic auto typernfrom Gary only works if you are clicked on the client your playing on, it's annoying because I want to be able to PVM and PK as my Bots advertise my PVM and Pure CC's names. Also I want this script badly so I can be able to stake at duel arena and have the script advertise Whip 2m or whatever I decide to stake as I play on my PK or PVM account. Serious inquiries only. I pay.
  6. anything needed to download? how do I get my script on to the TriBot I wana test out my simple script I made.
  7. once I sign in to my account > it loads > says client weil start it... and never does?
  8. is it possible to use my own private scripts without being a script writer for at least 6 hour intervals?