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  1. Jakob turnup


    does LG got fixed till yet?
  2. Just buy this scipt im maxin a main which is 99,95 99 90 now and a pure 60 92 99 99 no bans so far on my account im using it for 3 months about 30 hrs a week
  3. Try to restart your tribot client plus your runescape client twice
  4. would be really nice, im glad to use it again cause its the only one out there. But im afraid to get my account banned because of this
  5. when would feature the use rockcake instead of prayflick rapid heal be added
  6. please fix withdraw potions from barrel feature otherwise i have to buy tons of potions...
  7. HEY Erickho jagex changed the rock cake method so you can hit trough absorp pots with the rock cake did u implemented that feature till yet to use rockcake instead of rapid heal flicking?
  8. i disabled auto dedect and it still keeps reclicking the current fishing spot.. fishing sharks at fishing guild. Also the bot never clicks on the wrong spot so it automaticly knows which is the right one..? thats botlike and very unhuman
  9. Do you notice when you are in a place with more than 1 fishing spot and there is two methods ? like net fishing and lobster and the scripts do not check the spots because it automatically knows the correct spot? I think its obvious that its a bot. Cant you fix this...?
  10. the script should be faster, and the logout when 1 person is near doesnt work, if u turn that feature on your acc will start hopping worlds without anyone near lol
  11. there is one problem with nmz using blowpipe. If my inventory is full the script tries to take zulrah scales and darts out of the bank to refill the blowpipe wich gets the bot stuck because the inventory is full, please fix that
  12. Jakob turnup