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  1. Great news! The hooks are fixed! For some reason it tries to walk from the Rock Crabs island and doesn't attack crabs. Another combat script has the same issue. PM if you need a test account. Edit: even without using a pre-set, it tries to walk off of the island.
  2. After selecting monsters that're nearby, enabling the range and cannon options, my player starts eating some ranging pot and then simply does nothing. Stopping the script is impossible using the stop script button of the client. Something must be wrong with the logic of the script here. I could make a vid of how I work, so the issue will be more clear for everyone...
  3. I'm sorry to ask, but it seems like I'm doing something wrong. After starting the script, is does nothing at all and when I try to stop the script with the client, it simply doesn't. I'm also using a cannon, and you may loan my account. Perhaps we should PM?
  4. So far so good! Could you also make it re-equip knifes (for ranging) automatically? And perhaps even let it burry higher bones then the normal ones? Oh and let it stop trying to spec when the player is nog able to ;-) Thanks again.
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