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  1. I need it to have the following features: Features Autochat like advertise 55x2 plus osrs name Auto Accept trades Autochat the amount of money traded, example "3m locked in" plus betters osrs name Roll Dice Print result of dice roll. Print win being in green or loss in color red. If player wins trade player their winnings Autochat that gambler has been paid and how much was paid out It would also be nice to be able to change the odds I've seen 50+ of these bots at the G.E. in the last week, so I'm assuming someone has it already prepared. Willing to pay 50M if it has the above features.
  2. Superfooddude

    [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    @erickho123 currently having a problem with the bot trying to log in. It will occasionally enter only half the password, then get stuck on the "Invalid username/password" screen. I've tried all the traditional methods to fix it (deleting hooks, reinstalling the client as a whole, changing the password) but it still gets stuck every 2 or 3 hours. Bot debug is literally just thousands of messages saying "Un-handled login message: You must enter a valid login to proceed", etc.
  3. Salve amulet (e) does not provide any range/magic bonus. That is exclusive to the Salve amulet (ei).
  4. Can anyone confirm they've received any sort of ban from using this script?
  5. I've actually had some success forcing it to run down to 30 to tele out. Probably not a 100% success rate but hey, Ether is expensive and it's worth a try!
  6. Could you add something to deal with pkers waiting at the tele spot? Currently the bot continues to try and run into the cave, even after being TB'd and attacked.
  7. After watching for a little while, I have a few suggestions: - The script doesn't turn off prayers after you tele, should probably do that so you aren't constantly losing prayer and - If you have attacked a monster in the last 12 seconds, make it force you to tele as you will be unable to log out. All my deaths thus far have been a result of this not being implemented! Pls
  8. I've only enjoyed one other script as much as this one. Here's a cheeky little proggy just from my trial of the script. To say I'm sold is an understatement. Bravo.
  9. Superfooddude

    [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    @erickho123 new error, causes the script to shut down instantly after starting. [00:29:46] Starting client. [00:30:08] Downloading script 'ExShopper'. [00:30:13] Script Started: ExShopper. [00:30:13] Verison:3.197 [Scripter Update: 4/12/2018] Teleports are now saved properly. Use middle mouse to select tiles (temporarily). Settings may have to be redone. Shopp sell/buy is fixed from 4/12/2018 update [00:30:13] Dynamic signature update, sold: 0 bought: 0 since last signature update [00:30:13] No script argument provided, showing GUI [00:30:19] World 1 is not supported [00:30:19] java.lang.NullPointerException [00:30:19] at scripts.utils.management.banking.t.L(BankManagement.java:489) [00:30:19] at scripts.utils.management.banking.t.L(BankManagement.java:517) [00:30:19] at scripts.utils.management.banking.t.L(BankManagement.java:533) [00:30:19] at scripts.exshopperbeta.banking.l.a(BankHandler.java:375) [00:30:19] at scripts.exshopperbeta.ExShopper.run(ExShopper.java:167) [00:30:19] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [00:30:19] Script Ended: ExShopper. Seems to be a few issues still ;p
  10. Yeah, the delay between banking/withdrawing items. Unfortunately takes about 2~ minutes or so on a full restock. Also I've joined the Discord
  11. I'm not particularly worried about getting banned because of the banking, the banking is just seriously slow and really cuts into the overall profit/hr. If the banking was even 50% faster I'd be getting 3+ more kills per hour. That averages out to 270k~ profit per hour per bot. It'd be huge.
  12. My only real complaint is the banking speed/look. 24+ kills per hour would be totally possible for even 85~ magic/range accounts if the banking was faster. Given that I average a kill every 2 minutes, and I'm getting 18 kills hr and banking every 2 kills, that would mean 24 minutes is spent banking/traveling 9 times. Even lazily clicking/withdrawing I can manually bank, withdraw, go through the clan wars portal and be at the boat in 45 seconds. The banking is the most bot-like aspect of script.
  13. Don't bother with Karils, God dhides have pretty much the same stats and don't degrade.
  14. Are you 100% positive the account you were using has never been botted on before? And have you changed your IP in the last ~2 weeks?
  15. Whoops! That should be 200K, not 2M. Anyway, it does consume scales, but is also provides really good defense bonuses that save you food and hits during the fight. Antivenom is also 12k for a 4 dose atm, for higher stat accounts it may be more worthwhile to use them, but for 3 minute+ fights, serp helm wins no question (1.59m to charge helm for 15 hours, 1.59m for 15 hours of zulrah kills assuming kills take longer than 3 minutes). Also no more trips being cut short due to running out of antivenom