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  1. Seems so, main feature of the script (black chimps) is not working properly at all with looking glass. When will this be fixed?..
  2. Lately when using daxHunter when switching worlds it constantly has issues grabbing worlds from the tribot hook. Dev's reply: I've tried restarting the client, removing hooks.dat / entire .tribot directory or restarting the client / OS. Does anyone have an idea what could be causing this?
  3. Restarting OSbuddy/Tribot/Windows didn't help. Futherly going in on the hopping issues: 1. It seems to have issues to have trouble selecting a world A LOT, where in the log it selects a world, goes into world selection and after X seconds recalculates another world (without good reason to not try the first world it printed in the console nor click it). The world it selects all the time is 400 (deadman only), which i can't enter. 2. It randomizes free worlds as well, doesn't log in though. 3. The -1 worlds issue seems to continue. I've tried resetting my client a couple times but it doesn't seem to have effect on the long run. This issue doesn't seem to happen early in the runtime, mostly after +- 40:00, couldn't this be a RAM issue? My setup: JDK & JRE version as described on the looking glass guide by TRILeZ. I'm allocating 1024MB total I could PM you my logs/stack trace if you'd like. I was wondering if you could share how the script handles the 'other daxhunter' option. If let's say jagex gets hold of the API the bot is communicating with, what kind of data could be potentially exposed if they would gain access?
  4. With black chins i'm having the same issues as the other users. Tries to hop to f2p worlds (doesn't try to login, but sleeps then for a while). I'm mainly getting stuck on the bot trying to change to world: -1, it won't choose a world correctly without my help.
  5. Best script in any class i've used so far. I honestly could relate myself for the first time in ALL the bot behaviour Keep up the good work.
  6. Here's another one ^^ Cannot find clue task: Monk's residence in far west. See robe storage device.
  7. Will do , check my previous post from time to time. I'll be adding clues i found not to be working there
  8. The script seems to not be able to solve the newly added clues ( Some work, 5/6 clues are not recognized ). Could this get resolved please ? Edit: I'll be updating this post with clues currently found not working: Laugh at crossroads south of Sinclair mansion. Equip a cowl, a blue wizard robe top and an iron scimitar. Salty Peter. Talk to the doomsayer. Talk to Ermin. ( Tries to ardounge teleport, doesn't have quest. Continues to teleport to Camelot, and get's stuck from there. Noticed the destination is null as well. And all timers get's stuck like the script is just waiting for something? )
  9. Can confirm this, waiting for fix ^^ Did notice that it drops items needed for clues as well instead of banking them while thiefing HAM EDIT: Idea for new feature could be adding Energy potions. I usually use them always.
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