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  1. I am trying the trial right now, and it isnt working correctly. It isnt updated from runescapes updated NMZ, where you dont need a host? I'm not sure how to set it up correctly
  2. West side sand crabs, won't reset, clicks 4 tiles away from my starter tile to reset and then runs me right back to it on a loop. Position (1695, 3471, 0) Any other time I've purchased it's been a good scripit reset was behind bank, ran good got me levels. I don't want a refund, but I do only got so many days to use this scripit.
  3. I love the scripit it has got me tons of levels, but however I am having a couple problems. •Random events won't dismiss •Using West side at sand crabs it's not going far enough to reset the crabs before it runs back •Keeps right clicking drops or tiles causing the "choose option icon up" instead of attacking the crabs •Picks up random drop from the crabs, right clicks it and makes the choose option icon pop up and mouse stays in inv and on the item. •The whole Screen blinks black once real fast, then goes back to fighting. "Repeats doing that start to finish"
  4. Stands around the crabs and won't renew aggression... I restarted client bro and still does.
  5. I start the script and it sits there at craps and does nothing. all stat gains are -1. what does this mean?
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