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  1. Glad to be back!
  2. Looks amazing, will there be beta chance for everyone or just purchased customers? Thanks
  3. yeah ive been botting full stop and nothing lol
  4. Loving the script, however, think the script should be cheaper as you're not making much profit when taking out bans/bonds/script price
  5. Not going to lie it depends how lucky you are and what stats overall, I made several mil over bond + Started new one and already made over bond back and still going strong ready for the weekend. This has been the case for the last week or two.
  6. After having my problem which I resolved quickly, I started botting a throw away account Friday and only just got banned this evening, awesome script! Made enough money to not worry about the bond, time to make a new one and try again and hopefully have the same luck if not longer!
  7. Did a quick 1 hour trial, had no problems. As soon as i purchase the script all i have encountered is just pure problems! Basically says error getting Lobsters, just bank stands, dies then just sits at lumbridge or logs out... another waste of money?
  8. Yeah it does buddy.
  9. Yeah restarted it a few times. I've been trying smithing premium script and even doing the same on that on cannon balls trying to use my friends on furnace instead of steel bars... also I'm using looking glass maybe this is the reason? Because I seem to be having error via LG on fletching finding items.
  10. I have tried different scripts which have been newly updated (All premium no free ones) and still encountering same problems ever with different skills.
  11. Hey, I've been using a couple of fishing scripts which ain't the same scripter, however, I keep encountering the same problem after certain run time, when the bot is fishing it'll begin to click 'Skill, quest tab' however, it's not going back to bag and beginning to drop nothing. Is this a known issue with the client itself or the scripts? Thanks.
  12. Hi, I bought your script and been using it at Falcons however it seems it doesn't always retrieve the falcon and logs and waits to get back in to rebuy one, why doesn't it click retrieve even though it's right there...
  13. LG is getting very very buggy with banking more, I don't want to use tribot normal client so if it's not going to be fixed can I have a refund? thanks
  14. Still having problems, nothing is working...