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  1. Pepo

    Mouse painter question

    Thank you very much @Flax, you saved me a lot of stress now I noticed your banner about proxies, so far I've been buying proxyfish socks5 proxys, which one of the proxies from your site I should buy? The Ipv4 proxy? Theres HTTPS/Socks5 does that mean I can choose or they are have both functions, its like 1/3 of price of proxyfish. Thanks again for reply.
  2. Pepo

    Mouse painter question

    Thank you @adventure_time for reply. Also, If I plan to use RDS / VPS in later time if everything goes fine, will I need VIP-E for each RDS/VPS? I mean if I can get Tribot running on multiple PC via 1 account or do I need more licences with even more script licences?
  3. Hello guys, just wanted to ask you, that if I choose to hide mouse painter in CPU efficiency, and I no longer see what does the bot do with mouse. Is it safe? Do it still perform human movements with it just not showing to me? Thanks in advance for any reply.
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