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  1. 1 FPS Tribot client

    Recently I've factory reset my pc and ever since then I have been experiencing frame drops down to 1 fps only when using tribot, may there be a explanation for this?
  2. Did it all in one sitting (which probably wasn't smart, but its the first time I've ever botted) & no vps or proxy just standard botting, but you'll be a lot more secure of you do use those things for sure.
  3. Had to reset the script every time but it was definitely worth it. I botted all the way to 53 with no problems at all.
  4. 1-5 Men, 5-25 Tea stall, 25-43 Warrior women <3
  5. I've noticed that the owner of this script hasn't updated it in a long while. This is obvious due to it not working for me at all anywhere in the wild. Would be nice to be able to use it! Edit: Could you implement where you skip all your targets? so you get the 30min ban so you don't get killed by your target?
  6. Wilderness Looter

    How much do you reckon that would cost to pay someone to make it?
  7. Wilderness Looter

    There are already hundreds of looting bots out there already and ive been making a lot of money doing it manually! I've no idea how to code so would be useless at making a script myself
  8. Wilderness Looter

    Hi, Can someone create a wilderness looter bot please? Theres one by benjamin94 but he's not been on for ages to update it so its filled with faults, thanks in advance.
  9. Brilliant script, been using it since level 1 as I started a new account today and i'm level 43 now with no problems at all, thank you @Druid
  10. Looking Glass Topic

    This has helped so much. Thank you. But I'm still not up and running yet, I'm stopped by 'No runescape client was found.' It tells me to run it in 32bit when it already is in 32bit, idk what to do
  11. Looking Glass Topic

    'You must use Java 8 JDK. The JRE is currently not compatible.' Idk what Java 8 JDK is, whether its a downloaded software or what?
  12. Looking Glass Topic

    I've checked out the forum you linked but I still don't understand how looking glass is installed?
  13. Looking Glass Topic

    Hi guys, I've just purchased my first VIP script which has given me the ability to use looking glass but I've no idea how to set it up, could someone link a forum post which explains how it is set up, I've looked about but cannot seem to find anything (might be looking in the wrong places) Thanks in advance
  14. LG

    Can someone please explain to me what LG is please? in some further detail aswell, not looking for a smartass reply, thanks in advance.
  15. TRiBot Release 9.305_4

    LG works people are saying but the normal Tribot client is still glitch, do you have a time period of when this will be fixed? Thanks in advance