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  1. I take it back, after taking breaks every hour or two and only running for a few hours for 4 days the shit got me banned.
  2. I don't know too much about ABC stuff, but I have notice myself that it clicks away in screen, looks at your stats and right clicks on objects around every now and then. So far so good, don't wanna jinx it though.
  3. Holy fuck it must be tribot. I had the same issue and had to recover my account, lost 35m but I don't care too much about the gp.
  4. I bought 5 credits because it was the minimum and I only need 1, so I'm selling the other 4 for 1M each
  5. Well I'm not the richest kid, but could always give you a little. Add me on Skype: The1337Hackerz (ignore the skiddish username, was for a cod youtube channel)
  6. How long would it take to make the bot though? I'm more than happy to make another account member and just have it running around. I just thought some people would've thought about it as it's kind of a way around botting.
  7. I could supply the account. Why would the ban rate be high? I don't see how it would if all it's doing is running around in circles?
  8. Request: Rock Crab RunnerDescription: I know there's plenty of botting scripts for rock crabs, but for the people who are wanting to use cannon and train semi-legit without the risk of getting banned. You would use it to run on a second account, maybe a tank account. Could run to the bank when it runs out of food.Payment Amount: Would like it to be free, could be a popular script. But could pay a few mil if that's okay.Time: ASAPAdditional: Any additional comments.
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