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Everything posted by arvydaslt123

  1. you are trolling right now, yes?
  2. @godspower33 pls tell something
  3. If I'm correct the client starter doesnt work P.S my mistake, it works
  4. As the 4th comment in this thread, I would like to proudly announce, that yes - the bot is broken.
  5. well ye, use them for a week and then we will be waiting for u to come back
  6. depends on method, they are banning on weekends also
  7. In my expierence ban is a totaly luck thing, and depends on so much factors that we just cant handle. And breaks arent a MUST on all of the methods, as it was said a thousand times already, you need to try out and see what works As people give a list of factors that reduce ban rates, its a total list of total grabbed information. On some methods you need to use only 3 options from the list, some of the methods are high-ban risk, so maybe you need to use all of the options from the list, it differs guys
  8. This is a problem, where both of the sides are right, you can't get a lifetime script with lifetime updates and unlimited auths for 25 dollars. Well you could do that a few hours ago, but that was a mistake that tribot made, and we should put the blame on them, that the scripters became passive and not active with updating their scripts. Lots of examples, even created a thread for it. On the other hand, this update will bring lots of disappointments and angry guys complaining about their losses, but I hope it will bring more + than -. About all the stats shit and goldfarmers, many people already said the costs, proxies, vps, bonds and other shit, those stats are MORE than INNACURATE. Conclusion: find a compromise and live in peace
  9. Please, thor, loki, odin and other gods, read this thread, and encourage valhalla to do some changes.
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