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  1. arvydaslt123

    TRiBot Release 9.400_0

    If I'm correct the client starter doesnt work
  2. arvydaslt123

    bot is broken?

    As the 4th comment in this thread, I would like to proudly announce, that yes - the bot is broken.
  3. arvydaslt123

    Auto Favour Pro Development

    y me sad
  4. arvydaslt123

    Auto Favour Pro Development

    @Encoded any eta about arceuus?
  5. arvydaslt123

    gg tribot, i get the message

    well ye, use them for a week and then we will be waiting for u to come back
  6. Einstein is a beast, he must get respect for free
  7. arvydaslt123

    TRiBot Release 9.309_0 [Resizable Mode]

    the bot cant handle login for me
  8. arvydaslt123

    there is some error with the withdraw when banking

    who dead
  9. arvydaslt123

    TRiBot CLI Client Starter

    Will try, thank you.
  10. arvydaslt123

    TRiBot CLI Client Starter

    after updates it doesnt work for me?
  11. arvydaslt123

    [P] Rimmington Un-Noted / Gilded Runs

    disable abc2 times if its slow
  12. arvydaslt123

    Best way to suicide bot?

    depends on method, they are banning on weekends also
  13. arvydaslt123

    Problem Botting on One Computer

    Are you sure about this?
  14. arvydaslt123

    Jagex is banning based just on total time played

    In my expierence ban is a totaly luck thing, and depends on so much factors that we just cant handle. And breaks arent a MUST on all of the methods, as it was said a thousand times already, you need to try out and see what works As people give a list of factors that reduce ban rates, its a total list of total grabbed information. On some methods you need to use only 3 options from the list, some of the methods are high-ban risk, so maybe you need to use all of the options from the list, it differs guys