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  1. New Anti Cheating Mod Acorn?

    hate spammers in g.e
  2. This is a problem, where both of the sides are right, you can't get a lifetime script with lifetime updates and unlimited auths for 25 dollars. Well you could do that a few hours ago, but that was a mistake that tribot made, and we should put the blame on them, that the scripters became passive and not active with updating their scripts. Lots of examples, even created a thread for it. On the other hand, this update will bring lots of disappointments and angry guys complaining about their losses, but I hope it will bring more + than -. About all the stats shit and goldfarmers, many people already said the costs, proxies, vps, bonds and other shit, those stats are MORE than INNACURATE. Conclusion: find a compromise and live in peace
  3. Will definitely try this with the idea to support you rather than try to reach 99wc lol
  4. Please, thor, loki, odin and other gods, read this thread, and encourage valhalla to do some changes.
  5. Tribots Antiban

    @wastedbro is gonna save the world
  6. proxy6.net flagged?

    Why your 3rd acc should be banned if you werent botting on him? If you are botting 3 acc's on the same proxy and one gets banned, two others get monitored also and probably get chain banned, does not always happen, but users expierence talks for itself
  7. proxy6.net flagged?

    Why not? did u try botting with em?
  8. proxy6.net flagged?

    These proxies seem to be flaggd
  9. [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    @erickho123 pls fix the break handler, the only time it does a break, its when a bot gets bannd LOL.
  10. Accidentally bought too many credits

    How can you missclick 0 two times? You wanted to buy 2 and bought 200? dafuq