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    Codes personal scripts for personal entertainment (and to become better at coding) to see how long I can last in f2p while only botting before the inevitable ban hammer comes crashing down.

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  1. Hi I have encountered a strange problem. On my local IP and the proxy IP I am able to load the oldschool runescape homepage. However when I try and select a world using this url: http://oldschool.runescape.com/game?world=326 I only manage to connect and get to the login screen on my local IP While on the proxy IP I get a Security Exception: MalformedURLException: unkown protocol: socket http://prntscr.com/flt91h I am using a socks5 Proxy using port 1080 if that helps. It's a new Proxy and I haven't been banned using it... Yet. I can also using Looking glass (with the proxy) with osbuddy however it causes my computer to lag. I need a way of testing scripts I've wrote for a long period of time however I find osbuddy and looking glass too taxing on my computer.
  2. Anyone who's feeling overwhelmed with States and large switch statements should have a go at writing a script using the Node Framework. Great guide =) I can't thank you enough! <3
  3. Have you thought about using a Virtual machine to do your botting on? With a budget like yours you could afford a high end machine which could handle running many clients at once. Have a look at vpsgamingers, they specialise in hosting virtual machines for runescape botting. https://billing.vpsgamers.com/cart.php?gid=7 Buying a PC may not be the best investment as computers depreciation very quickly.
  4. I've setup a SOCKS5 proxy with tribot, and I want to bot on that IP address. Can I use the Looking Glass with the osbuddy client? I have noticed before using the looking glass feature, you have to wait for osbuddy to load to the login screen. Now I'm 100% sure while osbuddy is 'loading' its using my 'Main' IP address. Then I proceed to login with my bot user/pass and I suspect my main ip is linked with the bot account. So is there a way of using Looking Glass with a proxy? or do I have to use the build in Client supported by tribot?
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