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  1. Cognizant

    How safe are scripts?

    "The only truly secure computer is one buried in concrete, with the power turned off and the network cable cut." Tribot has not hacked anyone so far. Past behavior is a great indicator for future behavior but it isn't a guarantee. If you want to feel fully secure take precautions.
  2. Plenty of threads have already answered the questions that you are asking. Yes there are multiple ways to solve the same problem.
  3. Cognizant

    Taking 2 script requests, will be released free

    Basic NMZ bot. Implementing dharoks method should be very simple, and I'm sure many users would appreciate that.
  4. Cognizant

    Payment question

    Payment methods get flagged frequently here. Once that happens your only choice is to use another payment method or buy from a reseller (the official ones mark up pretty high).
  5. @bazinga I can understand your frustration, but the script creator doesn't owe you an apology or compensation for your account. If there is a glitch he owes you and his other customers a patch. In order for him to address issues with the script, you need to clearly document the issue. If you can't recreate the bug, it is unlikely the creator can fix it. Describing the bug is most likely not enough information for the creator to work from.
  6. Hosting games is an obsolete feature. It might even be against the rules. If you had done any research you would know that, but at that same time the OP should really remove that as an advertising point.
  7. Cognizant

    [$$] RS3 Bank to Varrock GE auto-seller. [$$]

    Planning a mass hack?
  8. Cognizant


    I haven't received bans with and without LG.
  9. Cognizant


    I can't comment on gold farming, but in my personal experience I haven't noticed large differences.
  10. Cognizant

    Returning to Botting.

    That isn't true. Paid-proxies are just like premium scripts. They are exclusive in the sense that the user count is limited by pay-to-play. A truly private proxy (one you create yourself) would be unique in the same sense that a self-created VPN is unique.
  11. Cognizant

    Returning to Botting.

    How is that any different than a proxy?
  12. Cognizant


    Look at your post. It says you have VIP.