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  1. Stats


    thanks everyone for the replies, its working now!
  2. Stats


    anyone know the solution to fixing this, I've tried to redownload client and everything.
  3. Ive been banned on 8+ accounts with the premium scripts on here. but yet there are at least two level threes at polli rooftop course with 70+ agility. how do they get away with it but I can't? only other option I haven't tried is private scripts. so if you can make me a private agility script message me please.
  4. Ive tried every guide, unistalling java, tribot everything nothing works. Can a trusted member please help me and teamview and do it for me or something, i will pay.
  5. Stats

    osbuddy and lG

    hello, im using osbuddy with LG. I finally got Tribot to connect to my osbuddy client however I can't click or type. any suggestions?
  6. Stats

    Runecrafting Bot

    whats up with the runecrafting bot? everytime i start script it runs for like 30 minutes then says this [18:26:52] You SessionID is: 36832 [18:52:12] Stopping Script: Please Equip a Fire Tiara obviously i have tiara equipped.
  7. Stats

    Tribot Mac setup

    "new client" option works, however I want looking glass to work, whenever I click looking glass tribot screen is black.
  8. Stats

    Tribot Mac setup

    Can someone please help me set up tribot on my Mac? I use tribot on my PC and everything works fine. Ive followed all the tutorials making sure i have the right Java and JDK, reinstalling tribot and everything for my mac and im getting tired of trying. I'm willing to pay via paypal if we can resolve the problem.
  9. [20:39:56] Script Started: Auto Fisher Pro. [20:39:56] Auto Fisher Pro: [ERROR] Failed to retrieve session id from web server. [20:39:57] JavaFX Application: [ERROR] Failed to get image [20:39:57] JavaFX Application: [ERROR] Failed to create GUI: unknown path [20:40:02] java.lang.NullPointerException [20:40:02] at scripts.fisher.Fisher.A(Fisher.java:181) [20:40:02] at scripts.api.script.TaskScript.run(TaskScript.java:55) [20:40:02] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) [20:40:02] Script Ended: Auto Fisher Pro. does anyone know how to fix this? ive tried deleting tribot and redownloading, deleting script and reactivating etc. its been doing this for 3 days now.
  10. still having this issue, and ive even uninstall java 32 bit and re installed. I even downloaded runelite and tried ( ive always used OSbuddy) is anyone else still having this problem?
  11. Stats

    Bot not working

    i also have VIP extended and in the bottom of the bot it says no human mouse detection can be found. idk whats going on
  12. Stats

    Bot not working

    bruh, im not that stupid, ive done that like 5 times. i know all the obvious stuff to try before posting on here..
  13. Stats

    Bot not working

    when i load up any script all the bot does is click in random spots? whats going on?
  14. Stats

    No Script Will work

    lol mentally retarded, good come back.
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