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  1. Building a botting rig or rent a server?

    How? OSRS is mainly CPU based so you're best off invested in a good CPU rather than a video card or w.e.
  2. LG worldhopping broken

    Either opens the world menu after logging out then keeps the mouse left bottom corner or keeps the mouse left bottom corner in general after logging out. Also stays stuck in this state since the worldhop does not complete, would really appreciate a fix @TRiLeZ Sometimes it works the first few hops but then gets stuck somehow, this occurs while using several different scripts including aAgility.
  3. My script clicks on NPCs/GroundItems that are hidden behind something that overlaps them. This makes it look very odd because it'll click the NPC/GroundItem through the object that overlaps it. Apparently getVisiblePoints > 0, isOnScreen, isVisible are not checks to prevent this (as they only have to do with the viewport?). Either way is there any way to check if something is actually visible because clicking for example a chicken through a wall when there's one visible infront of the wall looks really odd and botlike. Ofcourse I'll rep+ useful answers. PS: The NPC/GroundItem behind the wall is reachable, it's just that I don't want it to click through the wall when it's not visible on the screen.
  4. Mouse randomly moving?

    The mouse is randomly moving, how do I prevent this, I tried super.setAIAntibanState(false); but this didn't fix the issue. Anyone having an idea on which thread I need to kill to avoid the mouse from randomly moving? rep++
  5. Question about account creation.

    Suicide botting usually means going in 24/7 no breaks. I doubt it makes (a big) difference if you do tutorial right away or after awhile.
  6. Permanent Ban, One more Appeal

    It's not going to happen, often they re-evaluate the offense without even looking at your appeal. I've yet to have any account banned for macroing unbanned in 8 years of botting so don't get your hopes up. The only people I seen unbanned with a macroing offense are the ones that said their account was hijacked and contacted support.
  7. question about vip

    You need VIP-E (VIP+) for LG.
  8. need help loading tribot

    Go download Java and Java Development Kit (JDK) should work then.
  9. Jagex's payback

    Dude if you're honestly basing all that on a month of experience you're plain stupid yourself lmfao, you do realise Jagex delays bans, even for extended periods of time beyond a month depending on what you're botting and many different variables. What I'm saying is based of botting since 2008/2009 and in that time botting a few hundred mill experience split over many different accounts while rarely ever getting banned. If you think the time you're playing every day matters this much explain me why a legit person playing 15 hours a day does not get banned, obviously because no bans occur unless there's proof that suggests they're using a macro program, you may think the factor time played daily is a thing they can solely ban on, I can tell you that's completely false. When the granite maul glitch was out YB left accounts stuck in pest control, meaning they were there training for a week straight until they were booted off by an update, it was not detected and the accounts were not banned. I'm talking gaining 70-99 in a skill in one login session, while negating the logout timer every 6 hours. Either way you can stick your head up your ass and believe what you think is right but I'm not going to 'strictly' follow runes that make zero sense for the most part. The way I'm botting is not even close to what you're doing and I haven't been banned in ages while obtaining several maxed pures with some 99 skills included.
  10. Jagex's payback

    You're basing it off not getting banned, you honestly can't just say it helps 100% because you haven't been hit. Honestly many of the things you stated above not to do I've been doing for ages on several different accounts while not receiving any bans. If you get hit on accounts on a short term you're doing something seriously wrong because if you bot correctly accounts should be able to last really long depending on what you're botting.
  11. Maxing Out 6 Accounts To Farm? Help?

    Good luck, seen several people do this since maxed accounts sell for a good price. Fastest way is doing dharok's with prayer or absorb pots, to keep this up for several accounts you'd have to use prayer pots or pay full attention though. I wish you the best of luck I know it's possible to make some decent money of this.
  12. Jagex's payback

  13. So I'm looking to implement ABC2 fully, I'm still missing proper implementation of shouldOpenMenu though (got the rest done). I'm trying to make it work but this code is just left clicking: if(ABC.shouldOpenMenu()){ Clicking.click(new Filter<RSMenuNode>(){ @Override public boolean accept(RSMenuNode RSMN) { return RSMN.contains("Attack Chicken"); } }, target); return; } Am I supposed to do Clicking.hover(target) then do Mouse.click(2) and then handle the menu (since this looks like a cheapfix)? Currently I check ABC.shouldHover() && Mouse.isInBounds() and call the lines above. Unsure how you make it click the menu when the menu option I want to click is the left click option. I'm not interested in cheap fixing stuff hence why I'm here asking.
  14. ABC.ShouldOpenMenu() question

    Very useful information, thanks a lot rep+
  15. Checking if an NPC is under attack.

    For safespotting you're going to want to check the NPCs aside from just your own character.
  16. Why is this code returning NPCs that are 100% hidden behind objects, I'm talking 0 points of the model are on screen. What can I do to prevent this? RSNPC[] npcs = NPCs.find(new Filter<RSNPC>(){ @Override public boolean accept(RSNPC r) { return !r.isInCombat() && r.getID() == ID && r.isClickable() && r.isOnScreen() && r.getModel().getAllVisiblePoints().length > 0; } });
  17. Attacking NPC hidden behind object

    Unsure where I would start considering I have no idea what the current broken method is based on.
  18. So I wrote my own custom ABC2 script and it's rotating the camera randomly for no reason when I'm not calling any antiban functions, it bothers me since it's way overdoing it and doing it and doing it at times I don't want it to. Anything I can do about this?
  19. Error when ending script

    Script runs and ends fine if ran for a short duration but if ran for an extended time and it's ended it produces this error. I'm looking for someone that can give me some insight, it gives no reference to my code so I have legit no idea. My run function works as follows while(run){ mainloop(); } seperate threads run the same way and therefor should terminate as the onEnd is called which sets the run boolean to false. Any insight in the error would be appreciated.
  20. [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aPlunderer [Pyramid Plunder]

    When I used it it only recharged with gold artifects, have you made it withdraw artifects from the bank if the sceptre is empty as well? Because that's where it initially went wrong, sometimes in a full invent of food it didn't get enough artifects to recharge and you would be stuck.
  21. [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aPlunderer [Pyramid Plunder]

    What I can tell you from my experience is that it works fine if it gets enough golden artefects before it needs to bank. Let's say you have enough of a different kind of artefects to recharge the sceptre but not enough golden ones it won't recharge. Besides that I had plenty of golden artefects in my bank which imo it should withdraw when it notices the sceptre needs to be recharged, it doesn't do that so if you have a run where you don't obtain enough golden artefects to recharge the sceptre the script can get stuck.
  22. Close level up interfaces

    Wondering if it's possible to close them in a better way than this: if (Interfaces.get(233) != null && Interfaces.get(233).isValid() && Interfaces.get(233).getChild(2).isClickable()){ Interfaces.get(233).getChild(2).click("Continue"); } which won't keep closing the interfaces behind it. I know there's Interfaces.closeAll(); but how should I be finding the state where I have to close all interfaces? Solved
  23. Close level up interfaces

    Cheers for the tips, the NPCChat had some extremely useful methods I had not seen before. Rep+ big thanks.
  24. Open Source M1D1 any area any ore *ABC2*

    Highly appreciate you released this as open source @JoeDezzy1, learned me various things I really needed to know. Rep+