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  1. Haven't gotten mine either
  2. My vip wasn't extended :-(
  3. 1. I don't use proxies 2. I don't download malware, I'm not retarded. 3. I'm not trying to milk shit, I'm simply letting people know there's something up. My other accounts aren't in the account manager so how come those weren't hacked too when I actively switch botting them?
  4. I honestly cannot think of any other way a hacker would have access to my bank pin. My internet access went down for ~ 10 minutes and the guy cleaned me. He knew everything. I'm just suspicious. What other way could it have gotten compromised?
  5. I can attest to the validity of something being fishy. I was also hacked for 19m today. They knew my login email, bank pin, and password and the only thing I gave that information to was the account handler for the client. There's something in the client that has to be phishing this information.
  6. Figured I'd post this to counteract all the people complaining about this. 4 1/2 hour proggy.