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  1. still running for a very short amoutn of time. i have to babysit it and keep rerunning it. tribot's fault.
  2. Seriously unhappy that I paid for a full-time running script yet because of Tribot's instance problem, I have to babysit it and restart the client every so often.
  3. Update: after several tests, i have found out that it only works Forever when I start the script and select "No breaking" and "No account". Any other configuration will have my script ending without me wanting it to. @Aropupu @YoHoJo
  4. still unhappy about about my situation.
  5. Please help! I'm still experiencing this bot-breaking problem. Not getting what I paid for unfortunately; bought vip-e specifically for extended periods of botting safely. Would like my bot to run smooth! Please help me!
  6. Also, It's not my internet that's the problem, i'm running a great internet connection It just sucks that this script won't run for very long at all; I constantly have to babysit it and wait for it to end itself, then close osbuddy and tribot, then relaunch them both.
  7. Here are the things you requested! For some reason, I couldn't get the tribot loader to expand, so i could only get cut-off messages from the loader. sorry @YoHoJo
  8. I am using the $6 auth from the repo. if @Aropupu could confirm, i believe he edited that page recently; i believe there was another purchase option up there. Anyway, doesn't one auth allow me to run it for as long as I want anyways? It's not supposed to end the script for me... is it? Also, I am not stopping the script at all, I would like for it to run for at least 2 hours, yet this problem is ending my script for me 15-30 minutes after I have started it. @Aropupu, this isn't supposed to happen, is it? @YoHoJo, thanks for the response, i hope for you to look into this some more.
  9. Sigh, still unable to run this script for any longer than 15-30 minutes.
  10. Sigh, still unable to run my premium script for any longer than 13-30 minutes... Feel like I got ripped off as I paid full price.
  11. Plz check your PM from me! You're super helpful and I'd appreciate a response :)

  12. Admins and staff, please read!
  13. So what happened to this script? Yeah I was looking forward to this too!
  14. I tried looking there, my other post with the legit reply didn't show up. I do get a similar error message of the instance being surpassed, however it is while i'm running it for a while. Oddly enough, even my Instance Manager https://tribot.org/repository/user_panel/instance_manager/ doesn't show that I own ANY instances! So weird! I have paid in full for the premium script yet tribot's instance manager is completely blank. Hopefully an admin who can change this sees this thread soon, thanks!
  15. Also, my other post was deleted with the response from an admin before I could see the answer. Please actually help me this time, thanks so much.