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  1. Did a lot of behind the scenes work that you can't see. But I have also been busy doing up a website for an Engineering company. I am almost done that, then all of my focus is back on http://rsvirtuoso.com/
  2. Update: New domain name, paid hosting, working on a new project, making wicked progress.
  3. Currently have the domain name being processed!
  4. Updated the website big time. It looks a lot better on both PC and Mobile + any browser. Going to tidy up the code a bit more, then add 1-3 task sets.
  5. Website just got hit with a decent update. Want as many opinions as I can get regarding this!
  6. Updated with current features and future updates!
  7. Thank you for that. I will look in to making that happen.
  8. Fair point. Good job, me.
  9. Hey guys. Last week, I came up with what I thought was a pretty good idea. Being the one who came up with the idea, I asked Reddit what they though of it and they liked it. So I made it. Right now it is in a sort of beta stage. But I am making good progress. Let's all bare in mind, I am not all that experienced in web design, however I did code this from scratch. http://rsvirtuoso.com/ RSTaskGenerator or Brian's Task Master is basically a neat, original and simple tool for those of us who find ourselves bank standing or spending ours completing little tasks not knowing what we actually want to do. This solves all of that. Basically you just go on, and using the drop down menus you select what kind of task you are interested in doing. It will then give you a randomly generated task in that related field for you to do. Currently there are a few of the best experience mobs in the combat task generators, the quest generators are 100% complete and the achievements tasks generator currently only has Ardougne. There is also a feature that I have added on my end that basically sets a random time for your task. So lets say for example you want to do a High-Level F2P Combat task. You roll and you get Ankou's. At the end, it will say "for x minutes" x being replaced with a random number. Best to use a timer or stopwatch for this. The website is currently fully up to date as of editing this thread however it takes a while to update because of the free hosting, so there probably won't be any updates until I get some paid hosting and a domain name. (approx 2-3 hours) Current Features/Completed Updates Complete // Not started // In progress Randomly generate a task for almost anything in Runescape All quests, sorted by either length or difficulty For the combat and skilling generators, it gives some of the best tasks based on level, so you can get decent exp while doing these tasks Randomly give a time for combat and skilling tasks (best to use a stopwatch or something alike on these) Purchase a domain + paid web hosting Maybe add forums where people can meet for co-op tasks? Set up a PayPal donate button Add bootstrap to the website and get a nav bar Add a credits and donor thank you page Varrock Task set Ardougne Task set Falador Task set Lumbridge/Draynor Task set Burthorpe and Taverly Task set Daemonheim Task set Desert Task set Fremmenik Province Task set Karamja Task set Morytania Task set Seers' Village Task set Tirannwn Task set Bigger text in the output box PayToPlay Minigames Add a bit more to F2P and P2P Combat and skilling tasks Completionist Requirements Trim Requirements Treasure Trail Co-op Tasks Ninja Updates Fixed the logo size to be 96% width Made the whole website run 10x better on mobile Tidied up a lot of the code (Removed unnecessary things, prettied it up Finished tidying up all of the code on every page Made it so on mobile, the navbar is a hover over menu To see one of my other projects, go to http://rsvirtuoso.com/Darcy/index.html
  10. Thank you! Good luck on your journey as well! -7/6/2016 stream over- Didn't quite do what I was expecting. But I ended up just leveling woodcutting and firemaking. The stream was really dead and boring and I was pretty much AFKing it with some music playing. So I am going to end the stream for now so I can focus a little bit on work and AFK WC and FM a little more. Just gonna get WC to 40 then stop playing until I stream again. Feel free to PM me to play with me some time!
  11. Engels -No Botting- Iron Man Challenge I am going to be logging all of my Iron Man accounts progress/logs here! I will upload new pictures at the end of each session given that there is something to show for it. I will also be streaming all of it on Twitch.tv. I am going to be playing and am able to stream it, so why not. Also if anyone is interested in playing with me and talking to me while we do so, I do have Discord, so maybe we can set something up there. CURRENT STREAM STATUS: ONLINE Progress/Goals: Skills Constitution: 26/99 Attack: 26/99 Strength: 20/99 Defense: 20/99 Ranged: 20/99 Prayer: 15/99 Magic: 20/99 Agility: 2/99 Herblore: 3/99 Thieving: 1/99 Crafting: 35/99 Fletching: 5/99 Slayer: 3/99 Hunter: 2/99 Divination: 2/99 Mining: 40/99 Smithing: 40/99 Fishing: 40/99 Cooking: 40/99 Firemaking: 45/99 Woodcutting: 48/99 Farming: 1/99 Dungeoneering: 1/99 Summoning: 1/99 Invention: 1/99 Quest Points 14/383 Gold 11k/10m Logs Here I am going to put logs. These logs will also be found in the comments on this thread, but I want to post them here to make it easier to keep track of. 7/6/2016
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