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  1. I got three conditions where the bot couldn't find the item, due to I selected the wrong 1 (out of 2). It kept getting stuck in the G.E buy/search interface. Furthermore nice script! Works solid :). Do you have any idea when OSBuddy will be back up? Stucking at 50k per hour now also..
  2. Nope, you can try it with virtualbox, that worked for me in the past. Question: when the bot wants to buy sharks (cooked), it keeps typing the name over and over again, without going to the actual item to buy it. It's my first time I've entered sharks in my item list though. Is this a script fault or? I got the buy limit on 6k and running on ai-setup. Edit: 1 out of the two options for cooked sharks doesn't work. IDK which, got my profile set up and working now, going to update this tomorrow or tonight
  3. By stopping the script you mean pausing? Because if I stop it I obviously need to re-run it right? Bit confused now
  4. I'll try that in 3 hours, I'm currently travelling by train. I will give notice if it worked or not.
  5. Hi there, I've got the same problem with the null -1, that it can't find items. Now, I did select to find items, and it took over half an hour in the first place for it without any results. I'm trying it now for the second time, but it might go wrong to. What should I do when it goes wrong? I use teamviewer connected to an windows 7 browser. Edit: it comes up with an error: "ERROR: Definition array length to 0. Dump file creation aborted."
  6. Hi all, I'm new to goldfarming, and I can't figure some things out clearly. I've got issues running my VNC properly and issues with my proxy's. So my question is, is there anyone who is willing to help me through the complete cyclus in becoming a golfarmer? By helping I mean giving advice on how to set things up. I prefer a Dutch mentor, but I'll also go with English :). With kind regards, DutchBucks
  7. Nice event! I'm a new customer of you, but I'm sure I'm going to buy more in the future. Also I would be glad to take part in the contest. Tribot name: DutchBucks
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