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  1. I think you can upgrade in your panel, not sure.
  2. What hours jagex works?
  3. Hey. I was botting in Runescape for over half a year, and I want to share their experiences and progress. My goal is 200 $. Botting farm gonna gonna have 2-3 bots . In the future, i may increase the number of bots . Scripts from tribot.com/repository and only the highest quality(premium). I will not say my money making method, maybe after reaching goal. Investing : Host (Server for running bots 24/7)$ 4 ea / m EA acc gonna get 10mil to start the money for bonds and requirements , etc. First of all i will start with 2 accounts ( 20mil ) ~ $ 26 The script and tribot VIP gonna cost me around 12$ per month. So overall my invest is 45$. My money making giving me like 300-700k/h ea account. So i will post my progress in this thread, and gonna inform you ea day or maybe even often. Thanks for support, and check this thread ea day! Sorry for language mistakes, english is not my native language. Peace 2 accounts, 45$ invest, goal 200$, Day 1: Setting up my accounts and getting requirements, after ~12 hours gonna start botting on 2 accounts. Expecting over 1 mil/h running 2 accounts. EDIT: Accounts got requirements, already started botting on 2 accounts. Today later gonna make 3rd botting account for better profit. Gonna update at end of the day how much i made. FIRST ACCOUNT WAS BANNED ALMOST INSTANTLY. Wtf that was fast. Less than 12 hours and banned. Ok so 1 acc left, creating another etc. Day 2: 1 acc got banned, botting now wih only 1. Already got over 10 mil with 1 acc, setting up another acc for botting.
  4. What hosting you gonna buy or you gonna leave bots on your main pc? And how many accounts you will lauch to botting?