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  1. Hey I wanted to see if someone has a medium botted account with 70+/70+/70+ stats that I could start playing on? I really hate to go through the early exping since most of the monsters on lower levels do not offer high rewards. Just throwing it out there in case someone feels generous and has such account collecting dust. Peace
  2. I am thinking of buying your script, do you recommend running it with lens?
  3. Hi, I was reading up on the botting community in OSRS. I always tend to check out the "dark side" of any game community I dive into. I noticed that the botting community was mainly divided into 2 parts which are: Gold farming botters Combat and Skill botters My only real intention is to skip the extremely boring process of getting past the 70 - 80 mark in each combat skill (possibly including range and magic) and then I'd just continue on by myself. I do not intend to indulge into gold farming as I just want a nice game to play on the side, so by helping me You would not create another gold seller to rival with. I started a P2P account about 2 weeks ago and even though I play several hours a day, I'm only combat lvl 60, and any further attack/strength/defence above 50 is a real pain to sit through especially because the loot on this level is cringeworthy. I'd really be fine with achieving 75/85/75 with scripts and just continue on by myself. So what I wanted to ask all of You more experienced scripters/botter is - which scripts and what ways would you recommend me to use to get to this requested milestone of 85/75/85 in relatively fast pace? I'd obviously create a new account which I'd get premium on once I would hit a relevant combat level. I've also read up on some guides on how to not get banned while using bots. Thanks in advance, and it is nice to see such an active botting community.