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  1. dusk1221

    Currently best scripts?

    Hey guys i just have a quick question. if i have my proxy rdy, VIP and those things what are the currently best scripts for earning money ? both free and VIP this is not for suicide-botting, but for running only 1 bot for a long time. Thanks in advance
  2. dusk1221

    most out of the botting

    Hey i guess im just like all other people whos botting that i want a script where we can start our new characters and just jump straight out in the botting world. ive experienced that mining and woodcutting are those types of bots. you are not getting too much money with this method since you cant sell ores etc until acc is older (so i started mining clay) just want some scripts where i can start and walk off an hour or two and still see progress. in the end i would like to earn enough, to make things go around . Thx in advance
  3. dusk1221

    Still being banned

    @lethalds are you able to come into the chat ?
  4. dusk1221

    Still being banned

    @Duhstin is there any level req for any of your bot? i only have new ones in lvl 3
  5. dusk1221

    Still being banned

    @lethalds i dont know how to use proxy as there is no guide on the site. and 2nd i wonder how to use the Auto starter there is nothing on this website that tells how to setup the bot properly, unfortunately
  6. dusk1221

    Still being banned

    i bought this VIP bot yesterday, and for the hours i used it it worked fine, but i didnt get the premium scripts as it said, and i also got banned... this bot is running ABC wich should be safe, but again it isnt i think its rediculous to spend 8$ on a VIP bot when you get the same for free other places any thoughts ?