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  1. Yes you will need VIP I do believe... VIP is linked with the bot its self not the script.
  2. Thread updated with first 24 hours progress.
  3. @Usa 1,085 Kills in for my first visage drop... Defiantly worth the investment.
  4. Don't worry, there will be some surprises ahead I'm sure.
  5. ACUITY'S FREE TO PLAY PURE ATTEMPT Day 3/30 Main Goals - Achieve Desired Combat Statistics [40/60/1/55/16/1] - Horde A Loot Tab Worth 2.75m (Bond) - Successfully Slay 10/10 Players Without Death Statistics Hitpoints [45/40] Attack [40/30] Strength [45/40] Defence [1/1] Range [55/45] Prayer [16/16] Magic [1/1] Progress
  6. Also receiving this across all of my accounts...
  7. @Usa New Deadman world/s have been added to the list... Looking to purchase shortly after this update.
  8. Review your passwords across other forums & emails you use... As said above if TRiBot was "Hacking" your accounts then there would be a whole lot of un happy customers across this forum. However, I can assure you that it is not TRiBot or JJ's Auto Fighter Pro that has caused your accounts to be interfered with.