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  1. So when i look into my applications and type in tribot the only thing that comes up is the loaders i ave downloaded there is no folder.
  2. the gif is on windows but i will try and let you know thanks
  3. i am figuring out now how to take a screenshot and will post. this time starting it something else happened. the loader had a green message saying it was successful, next line : console started next line (red) Java hotspot 64-bit server vm warning: using incremental cms is deprecated and will likely be removed tribot release 9.303_4 initial setting loaded Using SID 52df1........ Error A:1746157808tribot.org/* (red) java.lang,runtimeexception (red) at obf.qd.od(xl:203) it continues with a ton of red lines saying the java.lang and sun.net messages then at the very end it says "unable to create client instance." hope this helps
  4. so i have tried running it in console mode, and the message i get is "TriBot loader had finished it's process, but some errors have occured" and then nothing happems. the loader is no longer force closing but no client is coming up still
  5. how do i run tribot in console mode? sorry i am extremely new to this. ALso i am trying to play OSRS, should have specified.
  6. Hello everyone, Im on a mac & i have tribot loaded and have paid to become a vip member. Earlier this morning tribot was running fine and was loading perfectly. Upon opening tribot i am able to log in with my username and password and then the loading screen comes up & a success message comes up in green and tells me tribot is about to open, & then it force crashes?? if anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this please let me know i just want to start botting :/
  7. your the man dankmemes1337. thank you so much i knew there was an easy solution!
  8. Hey guys, i just became a vip member and say that it says i can run multiple scripts at once. when i have TriBot open and click on the TriBot loader nothing happens at all. i have looked through the options on the client to see if there is somewhere to say new client however i can not find it. I am really hoping theres an easy solution to this. I am on a mac if that means anything. Thank you very much for your time. Please Help Sincerely, Your fellow botter
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