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  1. i got 45 to 67 range spiker did good with this script. !! would be nice to have a quick update though been wasting ring of lifes since 5 hrs ago it started clikin lil crazy can atkingthe guards or going behind hay bales constantly. but other then that pro script thank you for making it in the first place though.
  2. wow cant even appeal for offense i swear fuck this game!
  3. gah damit i sohulda had one more chacne tho i was auto clicking but how do i get charged with same offense twice in one days its like a clan of nubs reported me or something idk what to say in appeal box what would be beast excuse tosay to amybe get my acc back? just devistated cause was 99str jsut got 94 mag eprobly b4 banend and had 20m just bought other day
  4. idk why lil kids do nothing but report now days im almsot 94 mage i go back to check if auto clicker is still working and and boom perm banned with 20m on it . this acc took so long to make least for me i im speechless i went to view evidence ofcourse they dont have evidence this is so bs . also it shows i was reported multtiple times cause i have 2 offense for same date freaking ridiculous trolls right? any ways i just wandring if any one could give me some good advice to write in appeal cause its all i can do now plz someone tell me something i can do to get my acc back :C .
  5. ok tri you said high mage was recommended but not optional imo I really think you should say is 50-79 mage is a needed req for the bot to work cause obviously it wont work period if u cant snare or entangle u just sit there right clicking worthless imps
  6. it wont even go to the row its supposed to be in it just goes through one layer of hay and then says hunting gourmet imp" not withinsnaring distance. and I didnt even choose the snare option
  7. its not working for me at all earlier it was just tryin to leave th maze now it just clicks randomly hunting shit imps I didn't assign and I understand it does catch em to save ur d imps and such but other night it just straight caught only earth imps and esscence no other type of imps and im sorry for complainging if its just client issue cool but please update if not I wish I could copy paste the bot debug to show u whats happening, says stuff like unknown source though hopefuly just client issue. and just makin clear not trying sound like im flaming just worried if this is ever going to make me money
  8. excuse me dark um if the bot cannot work properly how is making progress possible then? ty for making it a free script though is nice of you
  9. whats the point of web walking I don't get it ?
  10. ive done 145lbs at 135 lbs 5,6ft but i havent worked out n while now
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