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  1. hope the new daeyalt essence will be added, would be so nice to use this script
  2. any update on the new rune ess mine ? would love to use this. Thx
  3. Still no ban from 40 to 90 max 2/3hours a day - splitted true the whole day
  4. Without breaks LG= Looking glass , it means you start up osbuddy (32bit) and looking glass lets you bot trough osbuddy but you have to buy vip extended ofcourse
  5. Very good & smooth script! did this from lvl 40 to 82 at this moment just doing this for 2/3 hours a day just to be safe & use LG ofcourse
  6. keep us updated when this will be added would love to use this in the future
  7. Will there be a daeyalt essence mining added in the future? This would realy help me out as a iron man for getting essence
  8. ive got a problem with mining guild 3iron rocks west / he keeps on clicking deposit box close it and click on it again.. ive got nothing in my inv? how do i fix this?
  9. Hey i just buyed this & i want a refund for this, i'm doing ardy knights & when i costum eat food between 10/30% he doesn't eat when its 2hp.. also when im out of food he just logs out.. waste of my money im sorry..
  10. bot fixed already? or still broken?
  11. i can sell it for 8m feel free to pm me also if u feel saver we can use mm
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