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  1. Hey i just buyed this & i want a refund for this, i'm doing ardy knights & when i costum eat food between 10/30% he doesn't eat when its 2hp.. also when im out of food he just logs out.. waste of my money im sorry..
  2. bot fixed already? or still broken?
  3. i can sell it for 8m feel free to pm me also if u feel saver we can use mm
  4. Hi My zulrah account got a 2 day bot like 2 days ago.. "banned cuz botting on sandcrabs" should i risk it to buy zulrah script and bot it? would lose 20$ if he gets banned so fast.. any tips ? cheers
  5. Din't see i just notice it ;o
  6. Any 1 ells got problems with OSbuddy today? it loads and then just stops.. :L
  7. Well i just got another account banned ;P HC iron man.. made 94 fm.. checked everyday in highscores if i wasnt banned.. i just logged in played 1 wintertodt and dced.. tryed to logg in and got banned lol xD
  8. Auto wintertodt & Aminerv2
  9. It helps alot! Ive been suicide botting on fresh new account with 100+hours proggres and stil no ban
  10. Will try it out on my suicide account soon tyvm for looking at it, hope it will be fixed
  11. Did you use LG or any proxy? If not this is normal.. agility is a high ban skill.. i made 2 suicide accounts.. 1 has been using LG & proxy and got a progress of 100hour straight still no ban other 1 did 30-60 and got banned.. without using LG & Proxy..
  12. Awsome script! no problems with it smooth & fast! worth buying had to stop it cuz my Pc needed a restart.. gona try a 100 hour progress on a suicide account
  13. i did the same thing like u did thats why its so weird but still awsome script ! been using it now with salmons and works fine for me ! will post a 10hour progress after work ( if i"m not banned ) xD
  14. Good script but everytime when i eated 1 cake and he goes back to the bank the bot crash and just standing there all the time.. even when the cakes in my bank are right in front of him.. Edit : Salmon works fine.. but when i use cakes the bot crash
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