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  1. You can, just use these settings apart from weapon id + degraded id's from dharoks.
  2. https://gyazo.com/949f912617bb5d31bb6b14349b00e37a if you want to use special attacks you have to add your weapon ID on the left.
  3. Yes and yes. But I'm pretty sure overload will give you more exp/ph because those stats don't get reduced until it expires.
  4. I used blowpipe void fury and archer ring.The pots I used I believe I used 6-7 overloads and the rest absorbs ( I was only 42 def at the time). And I think I got around 100k xp p/h, If you use prayer and maxed gear you should get quite a bit more though.
  5. Great script, just maxed my account apart from magic. https://gyazo.com/e2b188ea5896c4bcbb56ed01bd2c1ca0
  6. It isn't updating....why would I say I got it if I didn't? Pretty sure I would want it to work then.
  7. It works very well for ranged..? I got my 99 ranged with this script.
  8. special attack doesn't work.
  9. Training magic with a combat method is never cheap as far as I know.