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  1. Use a book like zammy book instead of an iron defender.
  2. I started at 47-43-40 on my zerker.
  3. I did NMZ I got about 50k/ph
  4. How much each.
  5. Why would he pay 6$ for 2 weeks if he thinks 10$ is too much? That makes no sense.
  6. If you have more items in your inventory than you listed in the item list it banks it as well. For example, you listed 18 absorbs and you have 20 in your inventory.
  7. It will stop once it's fully degraded, and no it won't take items from the bank as far as I know.
  8. You should add every item you have in your inventory to the item list, if you don't it will bank it.
  9. You can, might take a while to get enough points for a full inv of potions though
  10. Paypal should work...