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  1. Yes, but I'm pretty sure most 119s have way higher stats.
  2. What about the other half reporting you? Or do people not report botters at duel arena?
  3. I don't know, people looking up your stats and noticing that your stats are botted and them reporting you.
  4. Hello, I maxed my stake account a while ago ( not magic and range) I believe those are under 45 and all my other stats are pretty low as well all under 40 some under 50 and 2 skills 50 or above. So now I was wondering would that be an instant ban if I went staking? I'm pretty sure it would be but not sure, maybe someone here has any experience with it. If it is what would you recommend to start staking?
  5. Yes and yes. But I'm pretty sure overload will give you more exp/ph because those stats don't get reduced until it expires.
  6. I used blowpipe void fury and archer ring.The pots I used I believe I used 6-7 overloads and the rest absorbs ( I was only 42 def at the time). And I think I got around 100k xp p/h, If you use prayer and maxed gear you should get quite a bit more though.
  7. Great script, just maxed my account apart from magic. https://gyazo.com/e2b188ea5896c4bcbb56ed01bd2c1ca0
  8. It isn't updating....why would I say I got it if I didn't? Pretty sure I would want it to work then.
  9. It works very well for ranged..? I got my 99 ranged with this script.
  10. special attack doesn't work.
  11. Training magic with a combat method is never cheap as far as I know.