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  1. did you even bother to address the issue? The purchase of Mute's AIO slayer appears in my purchase history, but when I launch the client, the script isn't even there
  2. @Usa @TRiLeZ can we receive an update, this seems like a serious glitch, we paid for lifetime but it's no longer there.
  3. @Usa told me to post here. I purchased Mute's AIO slayer and it isn't showing in my script list, here is the screenshot of it in repository. https://gyazo.com/7691101e743e19090089762f2a61d170 Mute told me he cannot restore the script so I have to message an admin.
  4. But it's not for free? I purchased a life time auth, if it was a timed auth I would have no issue with it. But we purchased life time auths and they were retracted from us. So at the very least be decent and give us back what we purchased.
  5. Hi i purchased your lifetime script and it's no longer showing up in my script panel. Screenshot that I purchased and it's in my panel https://gyazo.com/7691101e743e19090089762f2a61d170
  6. Can this get looting bag support? Also logout when theres another player IMMEDIATELY option? I'm having it safe spot skeletons but keeps getting killed when other players are nearby because it waits until it finishes killing the monster. So can you please add log out immediately option? Especially when safe spotting.
  7. Is it possible to add logout/hop worlds when a player is nearby? Also when the person levels up it stands there, doesn't do anything and does not press continue when it levels up.
  8. add my skype: starscreamprivate to talk about it. You will be paid in RSGP or Paypal
  9. DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT The buggiest shit I've ever seen.
  10. Order Form: How many Tor ports (one is free): 1 (will buy a lot more if its useful). Have you added me on Skype: Yes Do you agree with my T.O.S.: Yes
  11. speaking with Bogla
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