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  1. I did this but the bot still does not try to log back in. Is this a problem with ExBuyer?
  2. I am using exBuyer and when the bot is hopping worlds, sometimes it hops too fast and gets kicked out and sent to the log in screen. The bot then makes no attempt to try to log back in even though I set up my account on the account manager and I selected my account when I started the script. I also tried selecting the Auto-Relog option but that did not work either. I cannot get Tribot to log me back in whatsoever so if anybody has any idea on how to fix this, that would be really awesome. Thanks for the help.
  3. have the same problem but instead with monkfish, hopefully there is a fix soon edit: It seems to happen alot more frequently than every 500, I have to keep restarting it every couple of minutes, I am using LG if that has anything to do with it
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