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  1. What version of TRiBot are you running? Latest Is it the RuneScape client that is freezing or is it the TRiBot window? Tribot Window. ONLY closable by Task Manager Do you get anything in the debug boxes or in the TRiBot Loader console (if you chose to run console mode)? Nothing What operating system are you using? Windows 7 What Java version is TRiBot using? Latest JDK How much memory are you allowing TRiBot to use? Standard Set Amount Do you get any java error logs? Nope Does the error occur at specific times? (e.g: when randoms occur?, specific time?, specific tasks? etc.) No, at random, often if i have paused a script and then resumed, it became very slwo and buggy, dragging textures making it look like there where lot's of gfx glitches, and then it would eventually freeze.
  2. Qwertykeys

    [Discontinued] AeroRunecrafter AIO

    To make it AIO, i think you need to include Cosmics, technically. Just saying..
  3. Qwertykeys

    Graphics Competition for New Rank Icons

    Best of luck to all. Wish i was able to do GFX, really want a rank of somesort
  4. This simply isn't working for me. start in catherby and it says "we're fishing in Draynor today" and does f all.
  5. Qwertykeys

    DevNatCrafter [Free Beta]

    I'm going to give this a shot.
  6. Qwertykeys

    AIO Herblore Scripts

    Isn't the lumby herbs a bad idea? considering edgeville is a lot closer to the bank and there are a lot more men about? Just a thought.
  7. Qwertykeys

    [1.0] [Fishing] TurboLobsters

    Best script name ever. I'll give it a go on my level 60 fisher lol, edit: what's the location? why not fishing guild or catherby? surely this is slow as ever?
  8. Qwertykeys

    We're hiring!

    Exciting, i have applied.
  9. Qwertykeys

    When will randoms be solved?

    Next time you fail/get stuck in a random, leave it there and let an admin login to your account to help solve the issue.