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  1. I know they are client-sided, but people are making threads to help solve randoms, where are these being implemented? The client?
  2. CoolStoryBro. TL;DR
  3. Yeah ntb. Better exp @ Yanille iron.
  4. Simple Question: Is there a thread with a script/download for updated randoms? i believe people are working to solve them and feel like there is a script i can download, so that i have fully functional random support? I still have a broken Maze, Pinball and Lumberjack.
  5. Lol.
  6. body cannot naturally hold a lot of milk due to it going into the small intestine or some science shit. nothing to do with food colouring
  7. throwing up. And it's 4L by the looks of it.
  8. I found it hilarious. Each to their own. @Mods. sorry if wrong section. NTS what General covers.
  9. Anyone done this?? found today and LOL'd
  10. Just banks, withdraws lobs, deposits lobs and repeats. I don't have varrock teletabs though, would this be why? is it looking for them? I don't want to go and waste a load of cash on vtabs if this isn't the issue
  11. What version of TRiBot are you running? Latest Is it the RuneScape client that is freezing or is it the TRiBot window? Tribot Window. ONLY closable by Task Manager Do you get anything in the debug boxes or in the TRiBot Loader console (if you chose to run console mode)? Nothing What operating system are you using? Windows 7 What Java version is TRiBot using? Latest JDK How much memory are you allowing TRiBot to use? Standard Set Amount Do you get any java error logs? Nope Does the error occur at specific times? (e.g: when randoms occur?, specific time?, specific tasks? etc.) No, at random, often if i have paused a script and then resumed, it became very slwo and buggy, dragging textures making it look like there where lot's of gfx glitches, and then it would eventually freeze.
  12. Great script. Using it to get myself 65 defence and then hopefully 80 strength. Would be using your giant spiders but i need some cash to fund 70 prayer
  13. SoulWars will not return.
  14. My brother and i where sitting on the underground late at night. He was about 11 and he had a woman sitting back to back with him. As the train was coming in, he leant back, stretched and grasped his hands together, unintentionally gripping her around the neck and then pulling to stretch, thinking she was a seat or something. Then we got off and where in the lift laughing about what had just happened when the same woman got in the lift, saw us and quickly walked out. Awkward as ever.
  15. Because my parents died, i became batman, then that went to shit, and now i'm a broke-hobo living off RS gold selling in internet cafe's, and i currently have 0gp after being hacked and a shortly expiring VIP /Thread.