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  1. zembba

    Response from Trilez

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop of things. Looking forward to it being finished and hopefully TRiLeZ gets a well deserved break.
  2. zembba

    Can't purchase credits?

    Hello, For some reason whenever i go to purchase credits it says my payment method is suspected as fraudulent!? I've purchased credits before and never had this problem. Also the same thing happens when i try with PayPal? Any idea on what i should do? EDIT; Also i am not on a vpn or proxy or anything.
  3. Review; Positive; This bot has great features, as soon as you open the starting panel you are not overwhelmed by the amount of things it has to offer, it is all clear and straight forwards. Running the bot ran smoothly, running it for 3-4 hours twice a day to keep the keep the bot more human-like. All in all, amazingly powerful and well done bot indeed! Negative; Progressive training did work, although it did to 1 extra level on the assigned level before changing to the correct attack style. And also got banned within 2 days of using bot. (This is the only bot I had ever used on this account) So my rating would be 6/10. If you're account means a lot to you, I wouldn't recommend using this bot in the chance that it might get you banned, but then again that's for all bots as they all run this risk, I think it might've been the high-level alcheming which triggered jagex's botting finder or whatever they use. But if you are using this on a new account I would recommend buying this bot, I might've just been the un-lucky one which didn't slip through there system.. Thanks for the bot Tri, Will be using it on a new fresh account from now on.
  4. Hey man, how can I get into contact with you, the cannon setting doesn't seem to be working at ogres, it just sits there and does nothing, then I reload the script and it doesn't even let me press start bot! hope we can resolve this! thanks, zembba