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  1. Does this support the mushroom woodcut method on fossil island? @Einstein
  2. @Tri You're seriously the man! When you add ammonite crabs can you see if you can add in the ability to bank at the bank on fossil island? It's not super far from the combat spot either! Let me know man! Also, I have accounts if you need to test.
  3. I was just trying to craft leather armour and it wouldn't work. So I would take that if possible.
  4. Its killing me not to have one the works properly.
  5. Is there a crafting script on this site that actually works?
  6. I am currently using it perfectly, and have been the past week with no issues. It has to be something wrong with your GUI man.
  7. Anyone know if you can run this at Bandits and have it unnote food for you?
  8. Anyone been getting banned using this lately? I botted a maxed main with it a few months back but have had two accounts banned the last week... Script is amazing so I’m not sure what’s going on
  9. D Lyted

    Proxy wont show

    So I load the clint and add my new proxy. But when I restart the client there are no proxies under the proxy drop down menu. What can I do?
  10. Only a 2 day ban eh? Not bad lol
  11. I have noticed that the "afk" scripts work pretty much flawlessly for not getting banned. It is the scripts that repeat the same process over, and over again that bring the ban hammer.
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