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  1. This has been happening for a while though since before this last update.
  2. Hey so my bots will not login unless I click existing user manually.. Can someone please help me fix this. Yes I use LG because I refuse to bot without it. It's just a bit frustrating because every time my bots take a break they get stuck at the login screen unless I log in manually. Someone please help!!
  3. Proxies

    Okay guys thank you will look into all of these and the prices
  4. Proxies

    Not sure if this is where I post this but does anyone know the best place to buy proxies? Thanks in advance
  5. VIP?

    Thanks mane noticed after I posted
  6. Netami's Private Script Shop

    Added you on Skype waiting for add
  7. VIP?

    I purchased VIP. Anyone know about how long it takes until it shows and I can use looking glass feature?