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  1. This has been happening for a while though since before this last update.
  2. Hey so my bots will not login unless I click existing user manually.. Can someone please help me fix this. Yes I use LG because I refuse to bot without it. It's just a bit frustrating because every time my bots take a break they get stuck at the login screen unless I log in manually. Someone please help!!
  3. Awesome guy and extremely fast response time! Will definitely be back in the future. Thanks broham.
  4. Top Elite


    Okay guys thank you will look into all of these and the prices
  5. Top Elite


    Not sure if this is where I post this but does anyone know the best place to buy proxies? Thanks in advance
  6. Top Elite


    Thanks mane noticed after I posted
  7. Added you on Skype waiting for add
  8. Top Elite


    I purchased VIP. Anyone know about how long it takes until it shows and I can use looking glass feature?
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