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  1. Yes I believe they were handing out temp bans around that time if you were p2p, maybe ill just legit the account? By flagged I mean i have been banned once, will i be in their vision although I haven't logged for a month?
  2. Alright so I was a member of another community bot wise, stopped playing after i got a temp ban, suicided the fuck out of range guild but I'm pretty sure it was the agility that rekt me, If I haven't logged in for 7 months on the acc would it still be flagged? Best not botting at all and playing legit? Acc is 1 def pure, has myth gloves and most pure quests done, 84 range, 40 att and str from questing and like 15 pray. Should I just legit on the acc, was interested in the GE bot if anyone has any experiences, let me know below, or what you think I should do with the acc from here.