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  1. dv8t's big pure attempt.

    Oh well, going to make a staker to make bank then buy a good pure
  2. dv8t's big pure attempt.

    Al kharid warriors, was empty entire time, got about 39-40k/hour, fuck
  3. dv8t's big pure attempt.

    Banned, oh well.
  4. dv8t's big pure attempt.

    80 str!
  5. dv8t's big pure attempt.

    Cleaned for bank, fuaaaaaark. Back to training stength.
  6. Thanks TRiBot #4

    Your money, buy whatever the fuck you want with it. GJ
  7. dv8t's big pure attempt.

    75 str. taking a break from training to make bank, found an item with 200gp profit for flips.
  8. dv8t's big pure attempt.

    102 Hours for 90 str.
  9. dv8t's big pure attempt.

  10. dv8t's big pure attempt.

  11. dv8t's big pure attempt.

    Different provider, was probably running it like 15+ hours a day for like a few days
  12. dv8t's big pure attempt.

    range guild
  13. Yes I believe they were handing out temp bans around that time if you were p2p, maybe ill just legit the account? By flagged I mean i have been banned once, will i be in their vision although I haven't logged for a month?
  14. Alright so I was a member of another community bot wise, stopped playing after i got a temp ban, suicided the fuck out of range guild but I'm pretty sure it was the agility that rekt me, If I haven't logged in for 7 months on the acc would it still be flagged? Best not botting at all and playing legit? Acc is 1 def pure, has myth gloves and most pure quests done, 84 range, 40 att and str from questing and like 15 pray. Should I just legit on the acc, was interested in the GE bot if anyone has any experiences, let me know below, or what you think I should do with the acc from here.