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  1. OmfgWdf


    It will, definitely.
  2. OmfgWdf

    Which is the best premium combat script

    They are all ABCL 10 Compliance Tri Combat, I have never tried DaxCombat but I think its really good too!
  3. $6.00 for lifetime usage of this script and you are allowed to use up to 3 instances.
  4. OmfgWdf

    looking glass

    Are you running 32 Bit JDK ? If not, uninstall all previous versions and install only 32-Bit Java
  5. OmfgWdf

    Bot on account play on another?

    You'll be fine, I bot on one account and play on another.
  6. OmfgWdf

    Hacked TriBot Account

    I don't think so, try contacting the Scripter himself. He is away though.. @TacoManStan
  7. OmfgWdf

    Hacked TriBot Account

    Try going Script Repository > User Panel > Instance Manager I am able to kill instances for my scripts.
  8. OmfgWdf

    Not able to create Runescape account.

    Mac banned probably, get an alternative PC.
  9. OmfgWdf

    Hacked TriBot Account

    Change your email and password, scan your PC for Rats.
  10. OmfgWdf

    Help for new botter

    Hmm, free scripts doesn't get updated as often.. You can check their thread and read feedback to see if it's working.at the moment. I would recommend you getting Premium Scripts instead but of course, read the feedback again to see if the script is worth getting.
  11. Anyone guide me with the rune pouches? I only have small pouch currently and tried killing several Abby monsters inside Abyss but to no avail. Is it really rare for pouches to drop?
  12. OmfgWdf

    Tau Bug Report Thread

    Name of Script:TauMTA (https://tribot.org/forums/topic/28767-150k-550k-gphr-abcl-10-free-1-hour-trial-tau-mta-premium-all-4-rooms-supported/) Script Version:4.0.2_9 TRiBot Version: 9.229_3 Java Version: JDK 1.8.0_51 (X86) Operating System: Windows 8.1 (64 Bit) Using Looking Glass (y/n): Y (OS Buddy) Using VPS (y/n): N Using Tabs (y/n): N Bot Debug (Pastebin ONLY): - Client Debug (Pastebin ONLY): - Stack Traces (Do at least 4 times, Pastebin ONLY): - GUI Setup Screenshots (Only if relevant, Imgur ONLY): - Other Screenshots (Only if relevant, Imgur ONLY): - Detailed Description of Bug: (Telekenetic Room) - Clicking Chatbox, "Green Circle" is the intended place the bot should click. "Red Circle" is what the bot is currently doing which caused it to stuck. Hope this photo clarifies. (Enchant Room) - Using Level 2 Enchant Spell - Bot is trying to enchant blood and death runes in the inventory numerous times. (Not sure if it's anti-ban.) - Bot is still trying to collect after inventory stated it's full. (Try to collect about 2-4 times even when it's full.) - Bot is clicking walking front and back between the blue thingy, it seems really, really bot-like with this issue for me.
  13. Telekinetic Room Bug.. When in observe mode, the bot keep clicking the chatbox. (It is trying to go downwards of the maze but it can't click.) Please fix, also can you make NPC Chat faster, it takes a while to continue the dialogue. @TacoManStan
  14. Yes, just ran it today. (Was about to purchase ) Is everything working fine? I am really worried. By the way, TauMotherLode is working for me now.