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  1. my bank account was charged for it, this was yesterday, credits still have not arrived
  2. Jaybots2

    Gambling Script?

    Just got off the phone with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and they will be contacting you shortly in regards to this matter.
  3. Jaybots2


    I still have not been refunded for my VIP. HELP!
  4. How do we enable shift click dropping?
  5. Jaybots2

    You're all going to get banned

    this is the stupidest thing i have ever fucking read lmao
  6. Jaybots2

    Will I Get Banned?

    usually if 1 acc gets banned for botting, all other accs on that same IP that have botted get banned too. however, this is not always the case with good scripts.
  7. Jaybots2


    does this mean that the script is free now or what..? lol
  8. Jaybots2


    damn it..
  9. Jaybots2


    the script itself or all tribot scripts?
  10. Jaybots2


    i am trying to purchase Tau MLM script but its saying sales are suspended?
  11. Jaybots2

    Is tribot having problems or is it script related?

    This is probably the dumbest comment I have ever seen lol. No one listen to this guy, he is completely full of shit. You can restart your tribot client 1 million times but no scripts will work until Tri updates.
  12. Jaybots2


    why is there no antiban?
  13. Jaybots2


    Suggestions: -Use a different antiban. ABC2 afk simulator just moves mouse up top each time, making it go to west or east sometimes would be more legitamate. -For some reason when you have a tribot window with 2+ clients open and you try setting the fight/reset tile coordinates, there is a bug. The bug is that once you set the first tile (whether it be the Fight or Reset tile first) the second tile coordinates will automatically be whatever the first one is. Test it yourself, others experience this as well. -Sometimes I will look back at screen and after the bot runs to reset it will just stand there for like 5-10 minutes even, and when bot runs back to spot someone has already taken it and says "hop dude this is my spot" then the bot will just stand there under the person not attacking crabs and get no xp. -Sometimes it will run half way to where you set the reset tile then it will run back to spot and crabs wont be aggroed, so it will run half way again, then all the way back and crabs still wont be aggroed. I have seen this a lot, I always look at screen and im 0 run and just walking back and forth. -After crabs deaggro, it waits WAY too long to run to reset. I understand the afk simulation but you gotta think about the fact that if you are just standing there for 5 minutes not moving and someone logs in and sees that youre not attacking the crabs, they will just take the spot. This will result in the bot just standing there getting no xp. -Some sort of auto responder or something, kids always trying to chat it up and when you dont reply but continue to reset etc, it looks fishy. -Implement some sort of anti-crash method. If you could make the bot detect when someone is crashing (this would be when there are crabs up, but the crabs arent attacking the bot, they are attacking the other player) then stop afking and start attacking the crabs whenever they spawn up. It is too easy to get crashed with this script. Thank you for the script and I hope you take some of my suggestions into consideration!
  14. Jaybots2


    It is very important for everyone to read this message. I have successfully maxed out several accounts using this script, no bans. I did not use Looking Glass client for any of these accounts. On each account I did: Tut island, waterfall quest, then went straight to sands and botted til all 99s. I sold all (6) accounts for $150 each on PlayerAuctions. Each account was around 2 months of botting. I invested 60m into the 6 accounts (each account was 10m in bonds) and made a profit of $840. If you use the ABC2 AntiBan and Reaction Timing, this script is undetectable. To successfully max all of your skills using this script to bot daily, you must use the ABC2 AntiBan and Reaction Timing. I would not suggest ever using this script without those two features selected.