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  1. bro ty! i looked for something like this for so long. "hooks" doesnt even come up in search bar. cheers
  2. Bot keeps saying hooks file corrupted. Please delete hooks and restart client twice. How do i delete hooks? It doesnt even tell you lol
  3. my bank account was charged for it, this was yesterday, credits still have not arrived
  4. Just got off the phone with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and they will be contacting you shortly in regards to this matter.
  5. Jaybots2


    I still have not been refunded for my VIP. HELP!
  6. this is the stupidest thing i have ever fucking read lmao
  7. Probably the best comment. Hopefully everything is ok with him, he takes pride in his business and would never let this happen under his control. Lets pray its not jail/hospital!
  8. usually if 1 acc gets banned for botting, all other accs on that same IP that have botted get banned too. however, this is not always the case with good scripts.
  9. Jaybots2


    does this mean that the script is free now or what..? lol
  10. Jaybots2


    the script itself or all tribot scripts?
  11. Jaybots2


    i am trying to purchase Tau MLM script but its saying sales are suspended?
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