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  1. Yeah it's dam near impossible to supplement botting with playing legit on a main these days. Botting is really only for gold farming unless you are pro. I tried like 6 or 7 accounts and all of them got banned, playing legit now and its not too bad. Lots of AFK things.
  2. I completely agree with you dude. It's next to impossible to keep accounts alive. The only point in botting is if you are running a gold farmer. Supplementing botting with legit play just doesn't work anymore unless you are some kinda runescape guru lol.
  3. I made a similar build and think it's pretty fun. I switched from msb/gmaul to msb/DarkBow and its a lot more fun for me. In my opinion the guys that are stupid overpowered are the obby maulers. Impossible to kill and if you try to risk it for the kill, you almost always die to a 30+. Then of course there are the non-skuller people who use way overpowered shit with no risk. I'm looking at you heavy ballista or toxic staff of the dead kids. Again they have no risk and a huge advantage versus just about everyone. I fought one yesterday who combo'd a 32/20 (I'm 61 hp full) All that being said I die more than I kill but I think it's pretty fun. Shoot me a pm and we can pk together sometime.
  4. A bot called Deathaura for runescape classic back in about 2003 I wanna say. All you could do was right click on a monster and it had an option to "auto on" and it would kill those monsters. However it didn't sleep so I remember camping in my friends computer room and taking turns waking up to sleep our guys lolol. After that we got an Leosleeper and STS (skulltorcha scriptable) and used that forever. Didn't play for a long time then I heard about perfectious fighter so I bought that and made a 99 str pker with claws. Then one day I googled something and stumbled upon a pastebin with auths for every single script for the nexus bot. It was amazing.
  5. Quests seem to help. Other than that I think it's just luck and of course location.
  6. Best and safest way to do any combat is NIghtmare Zone.
  7. Pretty normal man. You gotta be super super careful. Do some research before botting. What script were you using? What skill were you training? Where at?
  8. Goldfarming is really the only way you can bot now. Your guys will get banned ,but if you are just trying to make profit in a few weeks, that isn't a big deal. Get proxies/VPN/LG all that jazz and make sure you have a pretty obscure method to make money. Or do like Redhawk here and just expect bans every 24 hours lol. It's very tough to bot up a main or pure to actually play on.
  9. Last location before getting banned?: Varrock GE Skill botted?: Combat. I had botted about an hour at Karamja volcano early on the 4th. Banned on July 5. Breaks or no? Yes If so how long?: Varied. How long did you bot per day?: mix of hours, but never more than 4 in a 24 hour period. Played legit in between doing quests and random skills. Banned before?: Yes Type of ban?: Macro Major VPS/VPN/Proxy?:Nope Scripts Used? AIOCombat Other Bots Used?: no How many bots at a time were being run?: 1 Date banned?: July 5, 2016 Fresh account/Days acc used?: Account was about 2 weeks old That will probably do it for my attempt to play again. Burned through 5 accounts now lol. Appreciate it all the advice and tips from people on here.
  10. HOLY SHIT, all that in one day is hella impressive. You da man.
  11. I'll throw my name in the hat. Good luck on your venture. Tribot Username: Pepster
  12. Good question. Some scripts say no VIP needed, but I've never tested them without being VIP lol.
  13. ^^This guy gets it lol. But that being said if you value the account I would stick to your legit idea.
  14. As others have said be sure to update all of your passwords on a CLEAN computer. If you were still using the old ones that's probably your problem.
  15. I may be interested in this in the near future. Do you have a preference on which quests are completed?