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  1. Pepster

    Ban rate on combat scripts? "Caged Ogres"

    Best and safest way to do any combat is NIghtmare Zone.
  2. Pretty normal man. You gotta be super super careful. Do some research before botting. What script were you using? What skill were you training? Where at?
  3. Pepster

    The State of Goldfarming

    Goldfarming is really the only way you can bot now. Your guys will get banned ,but if you are just trying to make profit in a few weeks, that isn't a big deal. Get proxies/VPN/LG all that jazz and make sure you have a pretty obscure method to make money. Or do like Redhawk here and just expect bans every 24 hours lol. It's very tough to bot up a main or pure to actually play on.
  4. Pepster

    Buying Script, do you need Need VIP?

    Good question. Some scripts say no VIP needed, but I've never tested them without being VIP lol.
  5. Pepster


    As others have said be sure to update all of your passwords on a CLEAN computer. If you were still using the old ones that's probably your problem.
  6. Lol there is no other place to look other than other people's thoughts on this particular subject. The only people who know for sure weather or not it effects the lifespan of a botted account work for jagex. I mean you can keep arguing with me saying whatever Mumbo jumbo logic fallacies you please but the title of topic asks for people's thoughts.
  7. I'd imagine he wants to get as many people's opinions as possible so he can form a better opinion himself. But you'd have to ask OP.
  8. That's why I said in my opinion. Which is what this thread is about lol. Your opinion is that it doesn't matter. I happen to think it does, but neither one of us knows who is right.
  9. Botting tut island hurts the accounts lifespan imo. Ideally you should do tut island legit, then do Cooks Assistant and another super simple quest to make yourself look less like a gold farmer and more like a legit player.
  10. Pepster

    Still being banned

    Without VIP you could only use those free scripts for 2 hours in a whole month, so theres that. But yeah you gotta use private scripts in obscure places with breaks. After having my first 4 accounts banned account 5 seems to be staying alive. You just gotta be careful as people have said.
  11. I think I found my favorite scripter lol ^^^^ But anyway, like others have said, bot in obscure places that aren't highly traffic'd. Take breaks. I have found doing quests helps keep accounts alive as well, so do as many quests as you can. Of course do those by hand, DO NOT BOT QUESTS!
  12. I can't get the script to detect any monsters since the update last night. EDIT Working now that I restarted a few times.
  13. Pepster


    But will it power mine?? lol Good luck man!
  14. Pepster

    Banned after 1 day of use?

    I bet the fact its a few months old is the only reason is wasn't a perm. I just started playing again last week and have already had 2 accounts banned (both perm). The first I made p2p with a card as well, thinking that may help some what with bans but it didn't do shit. It seems in todays' RS you gotta be super super careful to not get banned. Don't let the army's of bots everywhere fool you.
  15. When I have the bury bones box checked my guy never buries any bones. EDIT I figured it out. If anyone else if having this problem make sure you have bones in your loot list.