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  1. Master Runecrafter AIO - Free & flawless!

    Doesn't work at the body altar, fails once it enters the altar.
  2. What Supplements Do You Take?

    12mg of melatonin is alot... When you take that much your body produces less serotonin (its precursor). You must be having some craaazy dreams lol
  3. Suffering Adult Here.

    Would like to help but it seems you have deleted your post or something..
  4. Need help putting on weight :p

    You need to drink mass gainer, I use this one https://www.amazon.com/Optimum-Nutrition-Serious-Chocolate-Pound/dp/B000GIPJ0M/ref=sr_1_2_s_it?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1465809726&sr=1-2&keywords=mass+gainer AND you need to lift everyday. Start with push ups and pull ups or whatever you have to but if you really want to make a change in your body and lifestyle you need to lift. Set goals and stick to a routine, its easier than it seems at first. When you do get in to really lifting take a ph balanced creatine like Kre-akylyn and you will put on some more pounds from the water weight as well as increase you muscle growth. Best of luck.