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  1. AllSinsAside


    When I download TriBot from the download link made available on tribot.org , what should i save it as and what should i use to open it?
  2. From what ive read it states that on window devices it supports RS3 scripts!! There are even RS3 scripts available in repository. I have numerous questions so i going to just put them all out there,,, 1.) When i go to repository I select Activate script and it gives me a message stating that it has been activated but what must i do on my part to make that work? 2.) If i make personal messages while bot is going will it close program? 3.) must i be currently logged in to set up or can i activate bot while im off?
  3. Honestly i would love to bot Combat at Grotworms but i dont believe there i a current script for that.
  4. Hello, I know that there are numerous threads on this forum currently that likely have the information i need, however i am extremely illiterate when it comes to botting. I have personally tried looking through all of the information that has already been made readily available, but once again i am having a hard time actually understanding what the information is trying to tell me. I am very much i need of someone to walk me through setting up everything that i need to know in order to start botting. I have already purchased the VIP package. I just need to know now that i have have it downloaded and everything purchased, what do i do next? Thank you for your time and consideration in advance. Sincerely, AllSinsAside
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