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  1. awh awesome thanks dude, made my day alot easier thanks a bunch
  2. aha yesss time to get pay back! lol thanks
  3. Hi there, i just bought VIp and realised i needed to buy vip extended to get he proxy settings (I know lol ) would a mod or anyone be able to refund me so i can buy the upgraded version , i only brought it like 10 -15 mins ago dunno if you guys would be able to do so but hey i asked thanks
  4. so i get banned today.,.. 2 seconds later *Bot Farm*
  5. Just came back from fixing my client, the above didnt help but it seems if you just -- delete the main tribot folder and reinstall from the websites it works like brand new
  6. Awesome! thanks for the infomation ya'll
  7. oh ok awesome, hope this answer is correct thank you very much for the reply.
  8. aw ok good , good to know , thanks for the reply glad to see a tribot has a helpful community like this
  9. Hi there Does anyone know if i buy a script, i will have to buy VIP to run it more than 2 hours every 3 days O.o?
  10. awh ok good to know, thanks for help
  11. I'm pretty new to tribot and botting itself, but i just used a script called mfAIOminer and when it first hoped worlds and logged me out for some reason, it genuinely remembered and typed in my username and password. so there's that O.o?