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  1. This still hasn't been fixed? This bug was occuring back in around Feb or whenever I ran it for a few weeks.
  2. No you won't be able to transfer back to your back. However you might be able to sell your credits to someone for 07gp then you can sell that 07gp to a website who can pay you via paypal. Buuut you can only transfer sell 4 credits per month afaik.
  3. gg ur main @alextehg
  4. You're fucking retarded, listen to what other people are telling you, the client is currently buggy with some aspects not working. Planning on leaving Worthy negative feedback as well if this script does't work?
  5. kys
  6. Fuck yeah mate! Have used a few of Gods' scripts and can confirm he produces quality gold-farming scripts, good luck on sales mate!
  7. ^ Listen to this man, he knows what hes talking about.
  8. @zdogg might be able to help with this
  9. I've heard good things about that script, I personally use Assumes Combat AIO. Have you contacted @daxmagex?
  10. Which one
  11. "Sluggishly I tread into the monotonously cadaverous hell-hole building" That's as far as I got.
  12. What is this shit i lasted 20sec
  13. No scripter will give you a method, you need to find one yourself and then get them to make a script to do it.