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  1. nylout

    Help? Account locked right after tutorial island

    wouldn't recommend use anything related to tribot, use google, there are plenty sites who sells proxy, right now looking new supplier for my self, have 10+ sites opened there proxies goes 1-2$ ea
  2. nylout

    I cant use any proxy

    ty, usually i don't pay attention to this flashy signs. Usually u have to confirm your ip's that are allowed to connect to your proxy. Like this
  3. nylout

    I cant use any proxy

    Do you have vip-E? do you add correct port? do you verify ur ip?
  4. nylout

    bought a new computer tribot wont load

    you need java 8 in case you downloaded java 9 uninstall it and install 8.
  5. nylout

    bought a new computer tribot wont load

    Do you even have java installed? "tribot wont load" doesn't explain much.
  6. nylout

    Time Left on Paid Scripts

    Go to purchase VIP - purchase history
  7. nylout

    How to fix this? Please help!

    you are using java 9 which tribot don't support, uninstall it and install java 8 jdk
  8. nylout

    Which JDK do you need to run tribot?

    use java 8. Java 9 is new so probably not supported yet.
  9. nylout

    [ABCL10] nBarrows

    All those problems i mentioned occurred running bot on normal client. I don't use lg either. Bot gets stuck once in approximately ~15-20 runs, sometimes i can run 4h without problems, sometimes i need reset bot 3 times in 1 hour. Gl
  10. nylout

    [ABCL10] nBarrows

    @Netami Problems with bot (these problems doesn't happen every run): · bot fail to use clan wars portal and goes to barrows with low hp, no pray, no energy · bot skips 1 brother and goes into tunnels with 2 brothers alive and that usually ends with bot getting stuck in chest room, if acc dies bot don't death walk, just stands in lumb with status: Walking to the chest · in tunnels bot seems like tries to avoid fighting barrows until chest room and that cause some problems, for example bot open doors and 1 st barrows appears bot goes to another doors and 2nd barrows appears, so now there are 2 brothers and bot decides to fight, doesn't even matter which one he will fight in the end bot will get stuck until gets killed, and don't even death walk. If bot decides to run sometimes barrows won't spawn in chest room because he already spawned few time or he still on in another room and bot get stuck again. · bot tries to open every door in the tunnels even if it leads to opposite direction, he just go through the doors comes back and goes to another one, wasting time and run energy.
  11. nylout

    [ABCL10] nBarrows

    I think iban's staff is not supported yet and probably that's the reason why you getting "deathwalking" and bot doing nothing.
  12. nylout

    Tribot won't start after closing

    Reinstalling java usually solves loading problems.
  13. nylout

    [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    @erickho123 I having problems while trying to make bot take a break. • [13:16:24] Break Handler: Taking a break for: 00:06:35 • [13:17:05] no path found.. if it is stuck, please report [0] • [13:17:05] hopping to world 42 *Then break starts bot usually log off and like 30sec later it log in and continues to bot like nothing happened and after x amount of time in this case 7min i get msg that break ended* • [13:23:16] Break Handler: Break ended. Breaks i use: Time: 0001:00:00 ±0000:10:00 Duration: 0000:10:00±0000:05:00 Occurrence: Repeat So every ~1h it suppose to break for ~10min. And it works fine on others scripts. Any idea what's the problem?
  14. nylout


    Hard to understand your problem, gif would help. Did you checked if worlds were actually offline? Also can you show your world hopping settings.