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  1. Some Fun Stats About Tokenbets - As of January 8th 2016, there has been 68 Trillion 07 GP gambled in Poker, 250B in dice, and 394B in roulette. - Our most profitable player (SvedLanka) is up over 13B 07! - 1.1 million poker hands have been played The biggest poker pot recorded on the website was between VspecgodV and Synaptical, with an astonishing 3.12B 07 GP won by VspecgodV! As opposed to other sites – Tokenbets is way more user friendly. Our poker is actually currently Rake-Free, and has been since the conception of the website – this means that the house makes absolutely nothing off of poker. In addition, our dice is 53x2 as opposed to the traditional 55x2 dice. We also offer the unique game of roulette, which is currently not offered by any other Runescape Gambling websites. Due to the rake-free nature, and better odds of our games we’re proud to say that we’re currently the Runescape site with the most GP wagered! Free play In addition to our other services, we also offer free-play poker tournaments, also commonly referred to as free rolls. It’s a collection of free entry tournaments with a chance to win part of the designated prize pool. We currently give away 300-400M 07 per week in these tournaments. Cashing In/Out from the website Cashing into the website is easy – just open up a live chat window on the button right of the website, click on the relevant department and meet up with the agent ingame! Cashing in and out with the same currency has no fee! If you want to play, join a table and others will accompany you after just minutes! You can also check which tables are active simply by click the play button! From Runescape Gold to Tokens We’ve evolved with the times – 07 Gold is more popular than RS3 gold. Due to this, we’ve decided for our base currency to be the equivalent of 07 gold rather than the typical RS3 conversion. In layman’s terms, if you cash in 10M 07, you get 10M tokens. If you wanted to cash in with RS3, don’t worry – we got a way that makes it so you guys can get in on the action too. Token Integration System Even if we’re playing different games, why not be able to cash in with your respective currencies and play together? Our token integration system at TokenBets currently allows us to accept RS3/07 currencies and convert them into “Tokens” so that friends from different games can come together for the same premium experience! There will be more changes to allow for more compatibility for TokenBets, but we can’t give away everything just yet! An In-Depth Look At The Games We Offer: Poker As previously mentioned, we have the most wagered of any sites due to our rake-free poker system. We understand that for a site to be popular, there has to be services that don’t offer immediate reward for the house, and hence why we offer this rake-free service, along with 300-400m 07/week being given away. A Look Into TokenBets DICING INTERFACE Dicing is a game that’s been extremely popular in the history of runescape, mostly in the form of 55x2. We offer 53x2 service – the best odds around. Dice is provably fair, and you can verify the hashes yourself, so anybody dicing can feel safe! Here’s a picture of our dicing interface, though we also have a quickdice option on the popout menu on the right-hand side of the website. A Glimpse At Our Biggest Winners Roulette Roulette is something that’s more unique in the runescape scene – and you can try it now at Tokenbets! Here’s a picture of the roulette board & wheel: Our Biggest Roulette Winners We hope to see some friendly faces on Tokenbets – whether you’re there to make easy money from the giveaways, or attempting to make it big on the other games! Below in the spoiler is a taste of the HUGE bets people make on TokenBets.
  2. Ordered over 20 different times from this individual. Always happy with the quality of work I get back !