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  1. problems with falador and canifis course, in falador the script doesnt rotate camera to be able to click the tower jump and might get stuck, in canifis gets stuck if falls down on the halfway jump brimhaven seems really interesting, some problems on detecting saw blade obstacle, sometimes tries to move 5+ times when sawblade is up thought it will eventually make it through also couple times when eating after dmg it kept eating until inv was empty (using cake)
  2. lumbridge shrimp option would be nice when doing aerial fishing it occasionally selects ''use'' on a fish while cutting and gets stuck for a moment hovering back on forth over fishing spots *actually when using safest abc setting it gets stuck like this constantly
  3. beauty, shame 15k kc werent tracked to hiscores :c
  4. any chance of adding option to disable worldhopping/proper control over worlds? very interested in the script but for my needs id require that feature
  5. accidentally spawning double brother in tunnels seems to lead the script getting confused trying to attack the wrong brother thats behind a door, while just tanking the brother that spawned later till death. luckily doesnt happen too often, dont know if fix is possible, otherwise really nice script, did ~950 chests on 1 account with the 14day subscription and looking to continue
  6. @daxmagex any ELI5 tips? nothings blocking it the script only asked to allow stuff on first launch, always allowed all, this is the first time and only script doing this
  7. @daxmagex the script doesnt bring up the menu anymore for me when starting the script since like ~24hrs ago, worked flawlessly before. this is what it says in chat then does nothing/no popup window https://gyazo.com/6709214b6991906f3ff2e2c0f42d9781
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